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Attention: We will be closed this weekend, Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.  Normal schedule will resume Monday, July 6th.

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Ranked #1     Martial Arts Studio

Ranked #1 Martial Arts Program


  • Traditional Tae Kwon Do, when properly and rigorously practiced, is the most effective, full body workout you can find anywhere in Asheville!
  • Strengthen your whole body in a dynamic cross training environment.
  • Increase your stamina, and cardiovascular health.
  • Improve your reflexes and coordination balancing upper/lower and left/right sides of your body.
  • Focus your mind and concentration through practicing presence.
  • Enjoy confidence, healthy self-esteem and social skills by interacting with your peers each session.
  • Develop discipline, integrity and follow through that can translate into real life success in achieving your goals and going for your dreams.
  • Feel secure in your ability to defend yourself if you have to.
  • Continuously challenge yourself and grow as a part of a vibrant, friendly and supportive community.
  • Great family activity that can be shared by every member -strengthening relationships and values.


  • Teachers are experienced, college educated, and professional
  • Adults have access to  twice as many classes compared with other studios
  • Adult/family classes are 1hr compared to 45 mins
  • 37 classes a week allow for convenient scheduling and level specific instruction
  • Kids can attend up to 3 classes a week to start, and after a few months can attend unlimited classes for no additional charge
  • Kids classes are 45 mins and there are ALWAYS at least 3 staff instructors on the mat
  • No binding contracts!


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