About Our Classes

Each prospective student is invited to schedule a FREE, no obligation, personalized, 45-minute introductory session with Master Morris or one of our other black belt  instructors. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the instructor and student to get to know each other, and to decide if there is a good match for practicing Tae Kwon Do at Asheville Sun Soo martial arts school.

Tae Kwon Do Classes

We have an amazing variety of Tae Kwon Do classes and a large number of class times to choose from, serving all ages and skill levels.  Currently, we teach nearly 40 classes per week serving students as young as 3 and as life-experienced as 70!  We allow our students to choose from several classes per week (see class schedule).  We have Tae Kwon Do classes for Kids, Tae Kwon Do classes for Teens, Tae Kwon Do classes for Adults and Tae Kwon Do classes for entire Families! All of our classes are well organized, planned and professionally instructed in an atmosphere that is consistently respectful, engaging, rigorous, safe and fun!  Our class curriculum is presented in each class at a level and in a way that is age and skill appropriate for the particular students in that class.  Our instruction ratios are unprecedented and our classes are absolutely AMAZING!  Please see class descriptions, videos and testimonials for more detail about the Tae Kwon Do classes you are interested in.

Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do