Adult Beginner

(Mostly Adult, – All Ages, All ranks)

Adult-Beginner’s Class is dedicated predominantly to white-belts in the beginning stages of their practice.  This is a slower-paced, very methodical class, where mechanics and protocol are broken down.  It is designed to help beginners establish solid fundamentals, learning basic blocks, strikes, kicks, forms and partnered exchanges of technique in addition to standard procedures in a traditional martial arts setting.   Intermediate and advanced belts are also invited to attend in the spirit of giving back the same way they received as beginners. This class is an interactive, highly instructional — and fun class — a big plus to a student’s practice, especially in the early stages.  There is only one Adult Beginner class per week – as it is intended to help each adult beginning student get more out of their primary classes (Adult/Family classes).  In this sense, it is much like a tune-up session that a beginner student has access to each week.  This class is 60 minutes in length and is available to beginning students as a free extra – in addition to their primary Adult/Family classes.

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