Adult & Family Classes  –  Mixed Rank

All Ages

Adults, teens and adults with their children may attend. In this class, adults, teens (and adults’ children) learn to respect and even admire one another for their own unique talents and abilities. It’s a disciplined, energetic and full body workout, as students learn effective Tae Kwon Do techniques.  These are “adult-energy” classes and are populated mostly with adults.  In these classes adults have the benefit of practicing with many other adult partners, enjoying a mature and rigorous class and opportunity for great stress relief.  This is also the best class for teens – as their bodies are maturing and they are becoming adults. In this environment, they are treated like adults, calling them up to reach their greatest potential. Additionally, this class, while mostly adults, provides entire families the opportunities to practice together.  So kids, whose parents practice as well, may join their parents in Adult/Family class as a reward for demonstrating a solid foundation and an enthusiastic committed attitude.   Like our other Tae Kwon Do classes, this one fosters a pursuit for excellence in rigorous, full-body, yet safe and nurturing environment. These classes are super high-energy with a great community atmosphere !  Come join in the fun–together!  The Adult/Family classes are offered mornings, lunches and evenings throughout the week.  These classes are 60 minutes during the week and 90 minutes on Saturday.  The majority of the instruction for these classes is from a master-level instructor.  There are nine class times per week available on the schedule, from which each student may choose up to three per week to attend!

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Kids Beginner

Kids Beginners is for kids who are just starting martial arts classes at Asheville Sun Soo.  In this class, new white belts get the special attention they need and deserve. Every class is taught by at least THREE adult black belt certified instructors to ensure each student gets unparalleled attention and instruction.  Kids Beginner classes are run at a slower and more thorough pace than higher skilled classes, with extra attention to detail, allowing beginning students to learn the basics and establish strong fundamentals. Every Kids Beginner class is well organized, professionally instructed, exciting, safe and fun.

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Kids Intermediate

The Kids Intermediate class is predominantly for kids who are yellow belts through green belts.  This class builds on the fundamentals developed in Beginner Kids class, introducing and developing intermediate technique and skill level, while continuing to build and cultivate solid character.  Simultaneously, mentoring skills are begun to be developed as these students begin to set examples of skill and character for the beginner kids coming up behind them… The bar gets higher!

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Kids Advanced

This class is for advanced ranks – green-blue and above.  Continuing in the context of discipline and group support-for-greatness, students with intermediate experience, move into advanced class striving for greater excellence, as they continue to realize their potential. They develop focused concentration, respect for others, self-confidence, courtesy, self-control, perseverance, honesty and integrity and leadership skills, while improving their overall fitness and self-defense skills! This class emphasizes goal-setting and positive reinforcement of personal success while teaching children how to stay safe.

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Kids Masters

This class is for junior black-belts only!  In this class, kids who have already earned their 1st degree Junior Black Belts aspire to higher degrees of black-belt, honing their skills in technique, character and leadership.  This class is for the Junior Black Belts who see themselves practicing for years with the goal of mastering the art, learning how to one day instruct and becoming leaders of leaders.

Kids Black Belt Club

Intermediate and advanced kids may attend this class by invitation only.  This class is made available as a reward to kids who display consistent commitment, great effort, good technique and a positive and appreciative attitude.  Kids Black Belt Club is faster paced and focuses on teaching advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques with increased power and precision as well as complementary techniques from other martial arts – supporting the development of well-rounded and comprehensive skills as these students work towards earning their first degree black belt.  The Black Belt Club kids learn to lead other students, by example and with patience, compassion and humility.

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