Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts believes that it is important to spend time with family and friends, especially around the holidays!
In order to make it easier for our students and their families to connect with loved ones, we will have a full day of classes on Monday, December 23rd, then close for classes from Tuesday, December 24 through Wednesday, January 1.
Our schedule will resume with a full day of classes on Thursday, January 2, 2020!
We encourage all students to attend class on Monday, December 23, and to take as many classes as they can in the weeks to come.
We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!



At Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts, we offer a martial arts practice that is healthy on all levels, building a smart body, strong mind and soft heart. We believe that everyone can be beautiful, powerful and intelligent all at the same time. Our mission is to make the greatest positive difference for the greatest number of people. Our school has one of the largest memberships for both children and adults in all of Asheville. 

Pure Spirit

Our name describes our culture – Sun Soo (pronounced “soon – soo”) is Korean for pure spirit.  Our community is inspiringly unique. We are kind, supportive, encouraging, and respectful with each other, practicing within the context of personal responsibility and commitment to excellence. Our practice is rigorous yet fun, intense yet safe, where everyone is working together to be the best we can possibly be as individuals and collectively.  

CLASSES FOR ALL AGES: Children, Adults, Families

Toddlers – KidsTeensAdultsFamilies

At Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts we offer a robust schedule of over 40 classes per week to meet every stage of life and ability.  Included are classes for preschool aged toddlers, elementary school aged children, teens, adults, as well as classes for entire families to practice together!  Every class is well-planned, structured, clear, rigorous, high-energy, safe, inspiring and fun! Do you want to be excellent? Do you want to be powerful? Do you want to be focused? Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is the place for you. We offer so much more than a family activity or a fun thing to do in Asheville.

Transformational Personal Development: Focus, Balance, Awareness, Confidence, Connection and Skill

We strive to develop the whole person in every class – challenging the mind with a call to presence, focus and attention to detail, building the body with rigor, capacity and skill – and lifting the spirit with inspiration in an atmosphere that builds the highest character. We even offer classes in which your entire family can practice together.

All of our classes are led by expertly-trained, exceptionally-skilled, and highly-educated, internationally certified, adult instructors.  Our full-time professional instructors are inspiring members of our local community and enthusiastically maintain a practice themselves through multiple classes per week – as examples to our students – constantly striving for higher levels in all areas of our lives.

Traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) & Jiu Jitsu

We promote and operate with the highest levels of professionalism, quality and excellence in every domain.  The primary martial art we teach is Traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate), led by 8th Degree Grandmaster Tony Morris, which we complement with additional concepts from Hapkido, Jiujitsu, Judo, Aikido, Boxing, Kung-Fu and Qi-gong.  Parallel to our Traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum, we offer a full curriculum to both kids and adults in Danzan-Ryu Jiujitsu, led by 6th Degree Professor Thabiti Sabahive.

Be sure to check out our Kids Night Out and other events for more fun things to do with the kids in Asheville.

What Sets Sun Soo Martial Arts Apart…

“We have students practicing with us from all parts of the area – North, South, East and West Asheville, many families passing several other martial arts schools to receive instruction at Asheville Sun Soo. We have a thriving adult membership as well as children and teens. Entire families practice here on a regular basis.”

“An exceptional number of our school-age students excel in school.  In fact, the majority of these students who have practiced with us for greater than two years have become straight-A students.  Many were not operating at that level in school when they initially began their martial arts practice with us here at Asheville Sun Soo.  We also are not doing school work here.  What we are doing however, is practicing focusing, being disciplined, setting goals and following through to achieve them — and all with attention to detail and an aspiration for excellence.  Those qualities applied to school and everywhere else creates great results.”

“Some parents come to us looking for things to do or activities for their toddlers or children. Once they learn about Sun Soo, they find the instruction and the environment here is so much more than just another activity.  We build character, achievement, confidence, respect, focus, awareness, break-through, possibilities and much, much, more.  Practice at Asheville Sun Soo becomes a practice of healthy behaviors and habits that empower our students to create for themselves accomplishment and success. ”

Grandmaster Tony Morris

Kids Night Out in Asheville

Fun Things to Do Including Fitness

Once a month, we host a Kids Night Out – parents get an evening out, while the kids have a blast at the best party in town! Our Kids Night Out includes team-building and skill games, arts and crafts, a kid-friendly movie, pizza and a whole lot of excitement – all for more fun and less cost than hiring a babysitter for the night. Kids will have lots of activities,  fun things to do, and get some fitness in all in the same evening.

Kids Night Out Asheville NC

My two boys practice at Asheville Sun Soo and have been practicing here for over two years. There are many Tae Kwon Do schools to practice but Asheville Sun Soo is hands down the absolute best in WNC. The family atmosphere embodies the saying it takes a village to raise a child. There are so many parents that attend and practice with their children. It is a small community where everyone becomes a family member. The staff are awesome and have a team of instructors that are extremely knowledgeable and very detail oriented. They challenge their students to do their best and succeed each and every time. I have recommended Asheville Sun Soo to several friends and continue to recommend to anyone wishing to learn true self defense.

Roy Whitaker

Sun Soo has been a life-saver for my son. I am forever thankful to the staff there for creating such a warm and welcoming environment where he has learned how to regain his self-confidence and positive self-esteem. As an educator, I work to replicate the high energy and enthusiasm exhibited by Master Morris and his staff. I joined to improve my fitness and spend time with my son. I have found the studio to be one of the most diverse communities in Asheville. What a wonderful place.

Ted Duncan

VOTED #1 Martial Arts School 2019:


Asheville Sun Soo would like to give special thanks to the readers of The Mountain Xpress for voting us the “#1 Martial Arts Program for Kids” the last 12 years straight,  “the #1 Martial Arts Studio for Adults” the last 12 years straight, “the #1 After School Program for Kids” the last 3 years in a row and “the #1 Kids Night Out Program for Kids” the last 5 years in a row – in the the Best of WNC voting !   The school has also been recognized for the last several years as a fixture in the Best of Western North Carolina Hall of Fame.

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