7th degree Master Barry Partridge visits Asheville for August Testing

We are pleased to have Master Barry Partridge as a guest Master Instructor for our August testing.  He holds a 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been practicing for over 40 years.  He is a former USTA heavyweight champion and has been a coach to several US Tae Kwon Do Olympians. Master Partridge is completely devoted to teaching and spreading Tae Kwon Do, he is a superb athlete, and a warm and charismatic person.  Master Partridge is also a devoted father.  He has a son named Dominique, age 12, who also practices.


Master Morris and Master Partridge have much in common.  They share two previous teachers and they both attended NC State University in Raleigh at the same time.  Master Partridge played college football for NCSU.  He was a Traditional Tae Kwon Do stylist up through 3rd degree and then transitioned to Olympic style which he has practiced up through his current rank.  He’s been running schools and teaching professionally for over 20 years.  Master Partridge is the Master instructor of two schools, both called United Taekwondo Academy – one is in Winston-Salem and one is in Chapel Hill.  He shares his teaching time between the two schools. He chooses to do this for a living because he feels like it’s the way that he can make the greatest difference for people.

Master Partridge loves teaching and loves teaching teachers – which is another thing he shares with Master Morris.  He enjoys facilitating people’s discovery of their own resources to become more effective.  As a practitioner – he loves staying physically fit and enjoys running in addition to Tae Kwon Do.   Although he is very accomplished he is very humble about these accomplishments.  He believes that when people develop self defense skills, it actually creates a peaceful community because “when people are confident that they can take care of themselves, they are relaxed and comfortable and they don’t overreact – they are able to maintain peace.”  Master Partridge has great respect and appreciation for other healing modalities beyond martial arts.

We are excited to welcome such an accomplished and enthusiastic teacher to our school for testing this weekend.  Master Partridge will be teaching our Black Belt Seminar, Saturday morning at 10 AM, on sparring techniques.  Please give Master Partridge a warm welcome when you see him in the studio on Saturday!