MS. CYD DAWSON is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Traditional Tae Kwon Do having begun her practice in the fall of 2011. In 2016 Ms. Dawson was invited by Grandmaster Morris to join the Asheville Sun Soo staff part-time as an assistant in the After School Program. In 2017, Ms. Dawson’s responsibilities were expanded, and in addition to her duties with the After School Program, she also became an administrative assistant, the webmaster, and social media liaison. It was also at this time that she began the instructor training program.

Ms. Dawson is continuing her Tae Kwon Do training, attending classes three times per week, and participating in additional opportunities to support and grow her practice. Her knowledge and experience as a former homeschooling parent, adjunct instructor at AB Tech, and long-time web designer, as well as her postsecondary studies culminating in a BA in Psychology, all contribute to her skill and ability in filling the various roles she serves here at Asheville Sun Soo.

Ms. Dawson’s teaching style is a blend of excellent technique, command of the room and compassionate inspiration!

In addition to her responsibilities at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts, Ms. Dawson is a friend, mother, online coursework – Instructor Support Specialist and freelance web designer.