All About Energy

Energy is fascinating!  We have it, need it,  want it, spend it, trap it, hoard it, share it, enjoy it, replenish it, transform it, benefit from it, create with it, destroy with it, love with it, understand through it, expand and contract with it… and through it all exist AS it – Energy…!

The more we understand and experience energy and ourselves and everything else as energy, the better able we are to fully and consciously engage in life.  An authentic martial arts practice provides an excellent opportunity for self-development through exploring and experiencing fundamental principles of energy…It’s everywhere

We often see energy as a finite resource, with ourselves not having enough.  What if the truth is otherwise?  What if there is actually an infinite amount of energy in the universe, abundantly emanating from an infinite creativity?  I suggest to you that this is true, regardless of and consistent with whichever belief system to which you subscribe.

Choosing energy

So, given this, the key then is choosing to connect to and accessing the energy all around us.  Martial artists practice awareness, presence and oneness with everything and everyone through a variety of aspects of their disciplined practice and in the process develop the capacity to cultivate and conduct infinite energy.

Allowing vs. interrupting: cycle, scale and flow

Life occurs in energy cycles (repeating life patterns), energy scales (usually in the form of fractals – life’s “Chinese boxes”), and energy flow (continuity).  Every experience can be interpreted in these terms.  Martial artists practice the discipline of discernment between allowing or interrupting in each of these three domains.  Recognizing healthy energy exchanges vs. unhealthy energy exchanges becomes the basis for choosing to allow continuation vs. interruption.  To intellectualize every decision is not practical.  So the martial artist is constantly developing his awareness of all surrounding energies and “feeling” the level of harmony present.  Harmony = allowing continuation.  Disharmony  = interruption and redirection.  Being able to “feel” energies allows the martial artist to be in constant rapport with her circumstances – or make the necessary adjustments immediately.

Releasing negative energy

Negative energy exists in equal proportion to positive energy.  Human beings store negative energy, to great detriment to themselves and everyone around them, unless there is an effective mechanism for regular discharge.   Martial artists practice regular physical, emotional and spiritual rigor moving energy in great volumes in the process.  Included in this is the purposeful focus of positive energy and the release of negative energy.  Such movement and release develops capability and eliminates the potential dysfunctional manifestations of negative energy (i.e. injury, disease or relationships that don’t work).  In other words – life flows…

Developing “Ki” or “Chi”  energy

“Ki” (Korean) or “Chi” (Chinese) is a term for “life – force “ energy.  This is really the energy of creation that exists in and around all of us.  One of the ultimate energetic goals of the martial artist is to develop her Ki energy to be available for use in all circumstances.  By developing great Ki, the martial artist lives stronger, more capably, longer and happier than he otherwise would.   Great Ki can be developed by applying the concepts above.  Everyone can do it —  realize that energy is everywhere, — choose energy, — develop the ability to discern when to allow vs. interrupt, — release negative energy…

Follow these energetic principles and live stronger, more capably, longer and happier… and discover the martial artist in you!

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