Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts had a great April 2018 testing weekend! We would like to congratulate all who tested, and are very proud of our students and how much work they put into their practice.

Among the highlights of testing:

We once again thank The Bair Foundation for sponsoring our April testing event. Asheville Sun Soo is thrilled to be partnering with this organization, which helps place children in safe, loving foster families. We believe in the good work they are doing in the community, and invite you all to learn more about them at

Asheville Sun Soo was grateful to have 8th Dan Master Mark Nathanson as our Guest Master Instructor for the April belt rank testing event. Master Nathanson, who has been practicing for over 40 years, came to us from New Jersey. He is a podiatrist, a devoted husband, and a father of three awesome children. Thank you, Master Nathanson!

We would like to give special recognition to all students who tested for Black Belt ranks in the April testing. They are:

Photo of Gren Clark, new 1st Dan Black Belt
  • Gren Clark – Mr. Clark is 50, and is a Physical Therapist professionally. He tested to 1st Degree Black Belt.
Photo of Kelly Roark
  • Kelly Roark – Mrs. Roark is 43, and is a Financial Advisor professionally. She tested to 1st Degree Black Belt.
Photo of Kylee Roark
  • Kylee Roark – Ms. Roark is 11, and is in 5th grade at Enka Intermediate. She is now a 1st Degree Junior Black Belt.
Photo of Jameson Wolf
  • Jameson Wolf – Ms. Wolf is 16, and is in 11th grade at Asheville High. She is a member of our teen instruction staff and is now a 1st Degree Black Belt.
Photo of Amy Vaughn
  • Amy Vaughn – Ms. Vaughn is 44, and is an Elementary School Teacher at Leicester Elementary School. She is now a 2nd Degree Black Belt.