Photo of students in Black Belt ranks following special topics Masters Seminar - February 2019 Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts had a fantastic February 2019 testing weekend! It was the very first belt rank promotion testing held in our new location at River Ridge Market Place! We would like to congratulate all who tested, and are very proud of our students and how much work they put into their practice.


We would like to thank First Bank Asheville for sponsoring our February testing event. First Bank offers a variety of banking products, and was instrumental in helping us get our new space ready for students!

Grandmaster Barry PartridgeAsheville Sun Soo Martial Arts was grateful to have 8th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Barry Partridge as our Featured Guest Master Instructor for the February belt rank testing event. Grandmaster Partridge, who has over 45 years of martial arts experience, Grandmaster Partridge is the Master instructor of two schools, both called United Taekwondo Academy – one of which is in Winston-Salem and the other of which is in Chapel Hill.  He shares his teaching time between the two schools. He chooses to instruct martial arts for a living as he feels like it’s the way for him to make the greatest difference for people. Thank you, Grandmaster Partridge!

The following students tested for Black Belt Ranks during the February testing. Congratulations to all of you!

Mr. Diego Rivera, 45

  • Registered nurse
  • Father of two

Tested to 3rd Dan

Ms. Emma Doty, 14

Tested to Junior 1st Dan

Ms. Piper Esmon, 13

Tested to Junior 1st Dan