Asheville Sun Soo Participates in 2017 Mountain Sports Festival

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts was invited once again, this Memorial Day Weekend 2017, to be a prominent participant in the Mountain Sports Festival.  It was a beautiful weekend for the festival, and the event was well-attended by local families who stayed close to home over the holiday weekend.

While Asheville Sun Soo was closed for classes due to the holiday, we were out in large numbers for the event.  We performed 4 separate onsite demonstrations, providing fun family entertainment for the diverse and engaged crowd.  Our students enjoyed several great public demonstration opportunities, as well as multiple class credits through this extra dimension of their practice – all while helping to make the 2017 Mountain Sports Festival all the more fun for all in attendance.

Stay tuned for more demonstration opportunities, and enjoy the associated photos from this year’s event. Special thanks from Masters Morris and Dickinson to all students and staff who participated!