On Saturday, November 18, 2017 Asheville Sun Soo participated to the Asheville Holiday Parade. “This was our 10th year, as an annual entry in the Holiday Parade. We love the parade each year! It’s a great opportunity for Asheville Sun Soo to make a contribution to the community, while having a fun and bonding experience for our students and family,” commented Senior Master Tony Morris.

More than 300 Asheville Sun Soo students and supporting members – of all ages and ranks – marched in the parade this year! It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and smiles. We shared great energy with the crowd, gave away over 4,000 pieces of holiday candy, broke nearly 200 boards – giving the broken boards to the cheering crowd and performed an all-black-belt-demonstration in front of thousands of spectators and WLOS’ TV cameras at the mid-point at Pack’s Square!

We want to give special thanks to the following for making this year’s parade the best yet!

  • The new Asheville Holiday Parade Committee for running a “tight ship!”
  • Our awesome Asheville Sun Soo students and families for coming out in mass to support our city’s local parade!
  • Master Michael Dickinson for organizing and leading this year’s Asheville Sun Soo contingent, in Master Morris’ absence!
  • The rest of the Asheville Sun Soo staff – Ms. Amy Dexter, Master Thabiti Sabahive, Mrs. Tina Clark, Ms. Cyd Smith and Ms. Jenny Zimmerman – for all of their organization and leadership efforts.
  • Special thanks to Mrs. Jessica Tripp for a fantastic job of design and team lead on all of our parade float and other decorations!
  • Special thanks to Mr. Alex Franqui for making available his large flat bed trailer to be the foundation of our float and also for driving his truck to haul the float!
  • WLOS for supporting, recording and airing the parade each year!
  • And the super cool citizens of Asheville for coming out and cheering on, enjoying and supporting all of the entrants!