The property we are currently leasing in the Kmart Plaza on Patton Avenue has been sold and is undergoing major renovations. As a result, all tenants – including Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts – are being asked to move.

Due to our commitment to continuing to provide an excellent martial arts experience – which includes expert and attentive instruction, state-of-the-art facilities, and technical rigor – all within a supportive, welcoming, inspiring, and diverse community, we took this news as an opportunity to create a better facility and more awesome overall experience for our students and families. To that end, we have found an amazing space within the River Ridge Market Place, located in East Asheville.

For a very few of our students, the drive may take a few minutes longer. However, there is less traffic in the vicinity of River Ridge, and it is located right off of I-240! For the vast majority of our students, driving to Asheville Sun Soo in its new location will take less time, and will result in significantly less hassle. We encourage you to drive to River Ridge sometime soon to experience your future commute for yourself!

In addition to being a more convenient location, River Ridge has a host of amenities and services located within the shopping center. It is also a very short drive to major shopping areas and the soccer fields. Visit the front desk for more details, or go by River Ridge and see for yourself!

We will continue in our current location in the Kmart Plaza on Patton Avenue in West Asheville for the remainder of this calendar year through December 24th. We will close the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and will reopen in our new River Ridge location on January 2, 2019!

New Location!



Photo of sign indicating where Sun Soo's new location will be
Photo of interior construction