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Killian Hoyer – A Leader by Example

Killian Hoyer is an exemplary member of the Asheville Sun Soo advanced kids’ class. He demonstrates both excellent technique and character, while consistently striving to do his best with integrity and set an awesome example for his younger sister. Killian is humble and open to feedback from instructors. We are proud of Killian for his […]

Kari Richmond – Mom, Music Teacher, & Martial Artist!

Kari Richmond is a committed martial artist who works hard to develop her focus and control through Tae Kwon Do. Kari is a mom of two, a music instructor, and a well rounded athlete. Kari does a remarkable job of balancing parenting with running her own business.  Her strong organization skills enable her to maintain her […]

Aspen McDowell – A dedicated athlete and courteous friend!

Our student spotlight this week is on Aspen McDowell. Aspen is an exemplary student who started at the age of nine in kids classes, and has since advanced to attend teen classes and mixed adult classes. Aspen is currently 12 years old and has advanced in rank to recommended black belt. Aspen’s practice at Asheville […]

Sarah Broberg – A dedicated Martial Artist

Our student spotlight this week is on Sarah Broberg. Sarah practices alongside her two sons, Zak, age 6, and Omar, age 8, who both attend the advanced kid’s class. Sarah is an intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic and conscientious practitioner who truly pushes herself to meet her potential, both on and off the mat. When met with […]

Master Marr to visit Asheville for April Testing

This weekend at Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do, we would like to extend a warm welcome to 6th degree Master James Marr. When you see him in the studio this weekend, please introduce yourself and thank him for being here! Master James Marr, 6th Dan, teaches traditional Taekwon-do as envisioned by its founder, General […]

Max and Elliot Butterworth – A Dynamic TKD Duo!

Max and Elliot Butterworth are two fantastic teenage brothers who practice Tae Kwon Do together here at Asheville Sun Soo. Max and Elliot’s practice is strongly characterized by their amazing teamwork and mutual support. We appreciate the kind, friendly demeanor exhibited by these young men on and off the mat – they are courteous and […]

Carolyn Suess – A TKD Mom turned Martial Artist!

Carolyn Suess began her Tae Kwon Do practice several months ago, after being inspired by the progress of her son Emery, who also excels in his practice. Despite having no previous experience, Carolyn jumped into her practice enthusiastically and demonstrated remarkable focus and coordination as a white belt. She continues to challenge herself as she […]

Henry Thome – a sweet friend and a fierce martial artist!

Henry Thome is a hard working martial artist who possesses incredible perseverance and maturity. Henry started his practice at the age of 5 as a Mighty Tiger, and has since graduated through the beginner class and is now in a leadership position in the intermediate class. Henry demonstrates an abundance of personal strength and internal […]

Nancy Fraser – A loving Tae Kwon Do powerhouse!

Nancy Fraser is a martial artist who lives life with a beautiful simultaneous expression of power and grace. As a 1st Degree Black Belt who has been practicing at Asheville Sun Soo for the past five years, Nancy is an integral part of the leadership and mentorship in our school. She is constantly giving, both […]