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Mountain Xpress Article: Sun Soo Anti-Bullying

Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do was featured in an article in the March 20th issue of the Mountain Xpress called “The Mind and Body Method,” highlighting local Asheville anti-bullying efforts and the positive impact of Sun Soo’s Tae Kwon Do children’s classes to combat bullying by building inner strength and promoting respect for others. […]

Second Degree, 50 Years Old

I have made a career of speaking to groups of people, but none are as special as you are to me. And none are as meaningful and memorable. I’m honored to have Master Meanie here and simultaneously sad that he has only a couple days to be among this amazing community that I’ve been with […]

First Degree Black Belt, 46 Years Old

My journey to black belt has been an interesting one at least for me. A journey filled with extended rest stops, detours and even changes in destination. To best understand the journey we need to take a trip in time. Back to the prehistoric ages. Back to the time of pre-Google, pre-Internet, pre-home computer or […]

First Degree, 15 Years Old

I was told when I did my intro with Master Morris that obtaining a black belt takes three years. I thought ‘I doubt I’ll make it that long’, and pushed the idea of black belt away. When I did my first class the following day, my opinion changed. When I saw the speed and agility […]

First Degree, 16 Years Old

I want to begin by stating that I hate writing essays and I especially do not want to read this one. Advancing in my TKD practice is a process of growth. Growth means doing things we don’t want to do sometimes. That being said, here is my black belt essay. I have associated “pain” with […]

Third Degree, 72 Years Old

A bit of history: Two at the judging table, Master Tony Morris, and my older daughter Master Juli Bowman were instrumental in my decision to begin my Tae Kwon Do practice. I vividly remember seeing the two of them spar when Juli visited here in the spring of 2007 I thought to myself…I could give […]

Second Degree, 15 Years Old

I’ve never been the best at ending things. I’ve never been the best wordsmith, I’ve never been the fastest runner, or the smartest scholar. But all of this melts away when I walk into the dojang. In here, everything that I am not fades away, and all that matters are the people that I am […]

Second Degree, 52 Years Old

So why did I go to 200 extra classes? Well, I’m lucky, for one. I’ve stayed healthy, my work, such as it is, doesn’t get in the way, and my family, whether because they’re really generous or because they know how sulky I’ll get if I don’t go, are always very accommodating. Even if I […]

Third Degree, 45 Years Old

Someone recently asked me, “What does it mean to be a Black Belt? What do you have to do?” I found myself searching for words and wondering how to describe it. What I realized was that there isn’t a perfect definition. For me it is not a journey but a destination. The journey is a […]

A Visit from Esteemed Grand Master Suk Jun Kim

Grand Master Suk Jun Kim will be our special guest next Saturday at color belt testing. There are very few 9th degree black belts in the world and even fewer who were directly promoted by General Choi, considered the “Father of Tae Kwon Do”. He has been practicing for 50 years.