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A Martial Arts Lesson in Compassion

Compassion…the Magical Key to ONE Contrary to some popular belief, the ultimate aim of an authentic martial arts practice is to become “one-with” “another” and in so doing there is no basis for conflict, for there is no basis for “separateness”.  The key resource for this expression is “compassion”.

Q: Why Do Martial Artists Bow All the Time?

A: Life is Rich … In the State of Appreciation As you may know, bowing is common in the culture of an authentic martial arts practice.  Practitioners bow when they first enter the space of practice.  They bow to each other upon greeting and parting.  They bow to the flags, one representing their country of […]

Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do Changes its Class Schedule

We have made a few modifications to the schedule in order to better serve you!  All schedule changes are effective Monday, November 29th 2010.  Please check the online schedule for changes that may affect your classes.  Following are the changes: 1) Adult – Mixed ranks on Mon & Wed will now start at 30 min […]

Consequential Sequence: Capability, Humility and Respect

Life is rich with relationships. Give and take, cause and effect and consequential sequencing are among the most prominent relationship models between things, people, factors and entities. Consequential sequencing—the effect or consequence one thing has on another, and the resulting sequence—is the most fascinating. One of life’s more powerful consequential sequences is the relationship between […]

Odyssey School brings Tae Kwon Do to Students, Community

Asheville, NC November 8, 2010 — Beginning the week after Thanksgiving, Asheville Sun Soo will offer an 8-week introductory Tae Kwon Do session for area residents, students, staff, and family members of Odyssey Community School. The course is value-priced at $250 to include the uniform and up to three weekly classes. Continuing its commitment to […]

“I visited 4 different facilities before deciding on Sun Soo”…

As a parent of 2 very active boys, we have exposed them to numerous activities, baseball, basketball, soccer, cub scouts, etc. When they told me they wanted to try karate I was skeptical due to my lack of knowledge. I stereotyped karate into a category as a place parents took kids who were being bullied. […]

Q: Which direction should I face while I adjust my uniform or belt?

A: Great question! Adjusting one’s uniform should be performed “turned away” from the direction that the class is facing. It is out of respect for the instructor, the other students and the practice space (dojang) itself. In the context of “being excellent”, the idea is that we always present ourselves as best as we can […]

“…a place for kids to grow physically and mentally…”

Beyond all my Expectations!!!! As a father of two boys, 9 and 7, I have had the opportunity to experience a multitude of activities. I was hesitant when they wanted to try karate, but after a short two months of instruction under Tony Morris and the other instructors at Sun Soo I am so glad […]

Q: So, Who Is Higher Ranking?

A: The question came up recently after class about who is higher ranking than whom and we decided to clarify. So, why is rank even important?  Firstly, we want to make the point that higher rank does not necessarily mean better or superior!  It means that this particular person has put in the time and […]