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A Breath of Fresh Air

Breathing is a vital part of an authentic martial arts practice.  There are a variety of different types of breathing that martial artists employ.  Most of these different types of breathing are individually specific to the context of their application.  Following are the four most prominent types of martial arts breathing matched with the way […]

Q: What do we say at the end of class?

A: We say: “Sugu-hashi som nida” which means “thank you for the class” in Korean. Or, if you really went all out, then you are saying: “thank you for the sweat!”

Tae Kwon Do: Shattering Life’s Barriers

Smashing boards!, bricks!, concrete paving blocks!, ceramic tiles!,…replete with loud screams, contorted facial expressions, wood splinters or masonry particles flying and gasps from witnesses as the martial artist releases her energy burst into and through the objects at hand… Such is the stuff of some of the physical demonstrations performed by martial artists. So let’s […]

Tae Kwon Do: Visualize to Materialize

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool, an absolute staple in an authentic martial arts practice.  Martial artists visualize detailed scenarios both ahead of time and in real time in order to greatly improve and enhance their performance. Visualization ahead of time serves as a form of actual practice.  The way this works is fascinating and […]

Q: How Do I Prepare for a TaeKwon-Do Class

A: Warm Up and Stretching. Warming up before class is strongly encouraged because it minimizes the risk of injury during class.  To warm up before class perform activities GENTLY …such as doing forms, jumping jacks, slow jog around the room, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, stretch kicks and various punches and blocks.  Get your blood flowing […]

Q: Which side of the uniform does the JTF patch go on?

A: Patches on the uniform:  The Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do patch goes on the student’s left (viewer’s right) and the JTF (Jun Tong Taekwon-Do Federation) patch goes on the student’s right (viewer’s left).  Patches are to be sewn on the uniform prior to the first testing for each student.

Q: What are the rules in the dojang?

A: SCHOOL CONDUCT RULES 1. Bow to the Instructor(s) when entering and leaving the school. 2. Bow to the Instructor when entering and leaving the Do Jang. 3. Bow to the flags when entering and leaving the Do Jang mat. 4. Face away from the Instructor, higher belts, or flags when tying belt or fixing […]