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Asheville Sun Soo Taekwon-Do To Host International Tournament

Mark your calendars, folks! We’re honored to be the host of  Taekwon-Do International’s Annual Black Belt Seminar and Invitational Spring Tournament for 2014. The tournament will take place at the DeVries Gymnasium at Warren Wilson College on Saturday, June 7th. Tournament participation is an important part of a developing a complete martial artist.

Belt Level Testing 2011 Dates

When a martial arts student has mastered specific belt level requirements and has met minimum training times as set by Asheville Sun Soo Taekwondo, he or she will be able to test for the next belt level. Testings are great opportunities for students to invite friends and family to enjoy the amazing progress everyone is […]

What Shape is Your Vessel…this Moment?

Several years ago, while attending a training in leadership, I saw a most remarkable demonstration.   The primary point was profound.  The materials used were familiar.  And the contrast between the profundity of the point and the commonness of the props gave great amplification to the impact of the demonstration.  It was incredibly simple — with […]

Q: What is the Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do?

A:  When we learn philosophy from a book, we tend to quickly forget it because it is not related to our actual lives. However, since Taekwondo is connected with every physical movement of our lives, we may never forget its philosophy. Since we experience life through the movements of daily living and we experience Taekwondo […]

All About Energy

Energy is fascinating!  We have it, need it,  want it, spend it, trap it, hoard it, share it, enjoy it, replenish it, transform it, benefit from it, create with it, destroy with it, love with it, understand through it, expand and contract with it… and through it all exist AS it – Energy…! The more […]