Carolyn Suess – A TKD Mom turned Martial Artist!

Carolyn Suess began her Tae Kwon Do practice several months ago, after being inspired by the progress of her son Emery, who also excels in his practice. Despite having no previous experience, Carolyn jumped into her practice enthusiastically and demonstrated remarkable focus and coordination as a white belt. She continues to challenge herself as she moves up in belts by working hard in class to improve both her fitness level and technique. Carolyn is admired by her peers for her pleasant temperament, her positive attitude, and her clean technique. We look forward to seeing Carolyn and her son Emery work towards their green belt in the upcoming weeks. Thank you Carolyn for being so humble, open, and friendly to others, both on and off the mat. We are grateful to have you as a student at Asheville Sun Soo!

carolynsuessWhat is your age?

What is your rank?

What is your occupation?
“My husband and I own and operate a mail-order medical supply company and pharmacy in Fletcher.”

Why do you practice Tae Kwon Do?
“I love always having a goal to reach (to get that next belt!).  It’s also such a fun, challenging and unique way to get both physical and mental exercise.  Although I have never been one to enjoy exercising (like a lot of people), I always look forward to going to TKD class!”

How long have you been practicing?
“About 7 months.”

What is your favorite part of you practice?
“The family-like atmosphere.  Everyone is so friendly and supportive.  It’s also a great stress reliever!”

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
“I enjoy volunteering at my children’s school.”

What is something people at Asheville Sun Soo probably don’t know about you?
“I have visited 11 different countries in Europe, and got married in Austria.”

What is your favorite Tae Kwon Do moment?
“Testing for and receiving my yellow-green belt.  Now my son and I are at the same belt level.  It’s fun to be learning the same material and being able to practice it together.  I look forward to us testing together in April.”