Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Holiday Gift Certificate

Two Holiday Special Opportunities!

  1. For this month only, in recognition of the holiday season, Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is offering $100 off the first month – for new students who enroll during the month of December 2017! This offer is open to the public.  So feel free to share with your friends and family members and remind them to mention this holiday offer when they call or come in the studio.
  2. In addition, please remember that we have a totally separate, special holiday gift idea and offer – available to EXISTING SUN SOO STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES. For more information about this holiday season’s coolest gift offer, please call us or come and see us at the front desk!  We’ll help you give the best gift of the 2017 season!
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Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts at West Buncombe Elementary Career Day

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is proud to have supported Career Day this past Tuesday, October 31st at West Buncombe Elementary School. The purpose of the event was to open the eyes of young students to their possible professional opportunities. Representing Asheville Sun Soo, both Master Michael Dickinson and Ms. Amy Dexter spent the morning helping several classes of young students see bright futures for themselves. During the short 20 minutes they had with each class, Master Dickinson and Ms. Dexter emphasized the importance of three main ideas: 1) – doing well in school and getting a good education – as a foundation for a great professional life; 2) – the importance of goal setting and achievement – as a habit for success; and 3) – the contrast between “excellence” and “mediocrity” as a critical distinction among high-achievers in the professional world. In addition to these primary points, Master Dickinson and Ms. Dexter emphasized the importance and critical roles that teamwork, courtesy and leadership skills play in the work place. They shared with their students the joys of being in a profession that provides so many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people and the joys of being generous in general. And while 20 minutes is not much time to cover all of that, they even shared a few moves, for an extra dose of fun!! Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts would like to give a giant shout-out to the faculty and staff of West Buncombe Elementary for all that they do every day to make West Buncombe Elementary and excellent school. And we’d also like to extend a special thanks for letting us be an enthusiastic contribution to this year’s Career Day!

If you, or someone you know, would like Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts to contribute to other area Career Days, we would love to share our professional experience and optimism with other young students. Please contact Master Tony Morris, Founding Owner/Senior Master Instructor at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts. You may contact Master Morris by phone: 828-505-4309 or through the contact option on our website at:

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Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Participates in Leicester Elementary School’s Fall Festival

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts enjoyed a large turnout for a demonstration at Leicester Elementary School’s annual Fall Festival. It was a wonderful opportunity to show our support for teacher Amy Vaughn, 1st degree Black Belt practitioner at our school and first grade teacher at Leicester Elementary, as well as for families and education in general.

Students demonstrated forms, self-defense techniques, and board breaks for an engaged and interested crowd of elementary school students, teachers, and families.

We love supporting our local community and are proud of the community contributions all our students make on a regular basis. If you are interested in booking Asheville Sun Soo for a martial arts demonstration for your group or organization, please contact Master Tony Morris at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts 828-505-4309.

Taekwondo Bootcamp at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts

2017 TKDI Bootcamp A Huge Success

Asheville Sun Soo was honored to host the TKDI (Tae Kwon Do International) Bootcamp, held August 4th through August 6th, 2017. This event brought together over 100 practitioners of varying ranks, representing schools throughout the TKDI family. All classes & training sessions were run by Grandmaster Kim, who shared his vast knowledge, enthusiasm and many years of experience with students of all ranks.

Bootcamp began Friday night, with registration and a meet and greet. It was wonderful watching students from different schools interacting and getting acquainted with one another. Practitioners then shared a meal, and got prepared for the an exciting and rigorous training session, finishing with a talent show that evening.

Saturday morning, there were many opportunities to learn about the nuances and mechanics of proper kicking technique, as well as words of wisdom from Grandmaster Kim about recognizing that we each practice for ourselves. Practitioners from all participating schools then enjoyed a tubing field trip, and were able to take in some of the natural beauty of this area while resting and relaxing. Students reconvened at Asheville Sun Soo in the late afternoon, and after enjoying a shared dinner, resumed training with a short session, led once again by Grandmaster Kim, in the evening.

Sunday morning’s training session although optional, but was a fantastic turnout despite the tired legs! Each visiting Master Instructor led a session, with the purpose of reviewing material covered during the weekend. Practitioners were able to ask questions, get clarity on techniques, and otherwise absorb additional information.

All in all, TKDI Bootcamp was an excellent opportunity to enhance the practice of all who participated, to meet fellow practitioners from our sister schools, and to receive instruction from other Master Instructors, thereby further contributing to a more whole understanding of the curriculum. Students left inspired and invigorated in their practice.

Many thanks to all of the highly skilled instructors who supported the training. They include:

Grandmaster S.J. Kim, 9th Dan, Founder and President of Taekwon-do International
Master Mark Nathanson, 8th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do
Master Tony Morris, 7th Dan, Asheville Sun Soo, Asheville NC
Master John Meany, 7th Dan, Taekwon-do International Chief Instructor, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master James Marr, 7th Dan, Master Marr’s Taekwon-do, Shaker Heights, OH
Master Paul D’Ambrosio, 6th Dan, Aliso Hills Taekwon-do, Aliso Viejo, CA
Master Laura Giletti, 6th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master Keith Klok, 6th Dan, Klok’s School of Martial Arts, Wake Forest, NC, Full Instructor Krav Maga
Professor Thabiti Sabahive, 5th Dan Dansan Ryu Jujitsu, Asheville Sun Soo, Asheville, NC
Master Michael Dickinson, 4th Dan, Asheville Sun Soo, Asheville NC

Next year’s Boot Camp will be held in early August (2018). More details to come as definite plans are made.

Profile in Indomitable Spirit – Pastor Brent Edwards

Brent Edwards is a pastor, a fitness advocate, and an adult student at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts.

As a pastor, Brent provides outreach to various communities in the Asheville area. He uses his presence to tout the benefits of physical fitness, and to share his personal health journey. He has put a great deal of energy into getting healthy – having lost NEARLY 100 POUNDS over the past few years! He considers his Tae Kwon Do practice at Asheville Sun Soo to be the major component of his sustainable fitness regimen.

Brent is an inspiring example of the possibilities available to all of our adult practitioners, as well as an inspiration to all who meet him. We at Asheville Sun Soo are very proud of Brent and the excellent practioner he has become, and happy for all the changes he has made in his journey to optimum health!

Acknowledging his progress, Brent was interviewed by local television station WLOS News 13 regarding his amazing transformation. Please follow this link and enjoy this positive and uplifting testament to possibilities and a life of health and inspiration!

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Thanks United Federal Credit Union for Sponsoring June Belt Testing

We would like to thank United Federal Credit Union, a local banking institution, for sponsoring our June belt testing event.

activities asheville kids sponsorUnited Federal Credit Union has a long and rich history spanning over sixty years. UFCU has grown to serve over 150,000 members worldwide and manages in excess of $2 billion in assets. UFCU provides a vast array of financial products and services, from traditional deposit and loan products to alternative investments and financial planning services. UFCU’s corporate offices and main branch are located in St. Joseph, Michigan, with additional branches in Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and, of course, North Carolina. Membership is available to over 900 corporate members and to any individual who either lives, works, worships, volunteers or attends school in designated “investment” areas within proximity of UFCU’s branch offices. UFCU invites you to stop into any of their branches to learn more about becoming a member.


Martial Arts Demonstration by Asheville Sun Soo at Weaverville Spring Fling Festival

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts was pleased to be a prominent participant in the Weaverville Spring Fling Festival, held at Weaverville Primary School, and involving students and staff from Weaverville Primary and Elementary schools. It was a beautiful evening for the festivities, and the event was well-attended by Weaverville residents.

While Asheville Sun Soo was closed for classes due to the demonstration, we were well-represented at the event. We performed 2 separate onsite demonstrations, providing fun family entertainment for the diverse and engaged crowd. Our students enjoyed two great public demonstration opportunities, as well as multiple class credits through this extra dimension of their practice – all while helping to make the 2017 Weaverville Spring Fling all the more fun for all in attendance.

Stay tuned for more demonstrations, and enjoy the associated photos from this year’s event. Special thanks from Masters Morris and Dickinson to all students and staff who participated!

February 2017 Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do Featured in Morning Show

On October 15th, 2016 Master Tony Morris, Master Michael Dickinson, Miss Rachel Beaver, and Miss Olivia Miller were all guests on the WLOS TV News 13 This Morning Show.

Master Morris spoke briefly about the school, and how Tae Kwon Do can benefit one’s health and fitness in addition to being used for self-defense. The segment included a demonstration of board breaks by students Rachel Beaver and Olivia Miller, as well as the performance of a form pattern by all four.

Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do has one of the highest participating rates of adult students of any martial arts school in North Carolina. Children and adults have the opportunity to practice together as a family. As an extension of the school’s mission, the leadership practices their commitment to excellence in the greater Asheville NC community by performing martial arts and self-defense demonstrations, classes, workshops and motivational speeches for a variety of organizations, events and businesses in the area.

In addition to regular martial arts classes, the school provides after-school programs, special events, and summer camps.

You can view the video below. It can also be viewed on the WLOS website.