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2017 Asheville Kids Summer Camp Registration is Now Open!

At Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do Summer Day Camp, children will enjoy a variety of activities including self-defense, character building, arts and crafts, “poetry with a punch”, movies, swimming, games, “mad science” and a weekly field trip!

2017 Asheville Kids Summer Camp Dates:

*Standard camp schedule is from 9am – 3pm.

**Extended day available for additional fee.

Summer Camp Fees (includes snacks):

Early registration discounts are available!

Register in March for $220 / $320 for extended day
Register in April for $230 / $330 for extended day
Register in May for $240 / $340 for extended day
Register in June (or later) for $250 / $350 for extended day

Uniform for non-students: $40 (required)
One-Day camp: $60 for 3pm pickup, $75 for 5pm pickup
Family Discount: $20 discount for additional family members
Multiple Week Discount: Register for multiple weeks, receive a $20 discount on subsequent weeks.

Sample Summer Camp Schedule:

**7:30-8:00: Extended Early Drop-off (Available for a charge of $20/day)
**8:00-8:30: Early Drop-off (Available for a charge of $10/day)

8:30-9:00: Standard Drop-off
9:00-9:30: Icebreaker games
9:30-10:00: Character trait art activity
10:00-10:15: Snack
10:15-11:00: All levels combined TKD class (with a team of instructors)
11:00-12:00: Poetry with a punch (with poet Allan Wolf!)
12:00-12:30: Lunch
12:30-1:15: Art Project
1:15-1:45: Focus games
1:45-3:00: Demo Team Practice (with snack break)

**3:00- 5:00 Extended Day Activities**

Note: Activities may vary daily

What to bring to :

  • Water bottle with your name on it
  • Bag lunch and snack
  • Tae Kwon Do uniform with belt
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Swimsuit, towel and sunscreen (on pool days – Tuesday and Thursday)

Sign up at the front desk!

NOTE: There will be a charge of $5 for every 15 minutes for early drop-off or late pick-up. For your convenience, an extended care program is available – with early drop-off and/or extended pick-up for an additional fee. For more information, please call us at 828-505-4309 or stop by the Asheville Sun Soo front desk.

Registration is limited to 30 students. Register early to reserve your child’s spot!

February 2017 Testing

TKDI 2016 Summer Boot Camp

Asheville Sun Soo was pleased to be the host school for this year’s Taekwon-do International Summer Boot Camp August 5th through August 7th, 2016. The weekend consisted of practice in a variety of areas, with the intent of improving and inspiring all who attended.

Skills Draw from Krav Maga & Jiu Jitsu

Sessions held included generating power, proper techniques for kicking and punching, forms, sparring, stretching, and self-defense. While the focus was primarily on Taekwon-do skills, some of the techniques employed drew from other arts such as Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu. The weekend ended with a recap of the lessons covered.

Many thanks to all of the highly skilled instructors who provided the training. They were:

Grandmaster S.J. Kim, 9th Dan, Founder and President of Taekwon-do International
Master Mark Nathanson, 7th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do
Master Tony Morris, 7th Dan, Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do, Asheville, NC
Master John Meany, 7th Dan, Taekwon-do International Chief Instructor, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master James Marr, 7th Dan, Master Marr’s Taekwon-do, Shaker Heights, OH
Master Laura Giletti, 6th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master Keith Klok, , 6th Dan, Klok’s School of Martial Arts, Wake Forest, NC, Full Instructor Krav Maga
Professor Thabiti Sabahive, 5th Dan Dansan Ryu Jujitsu, Asheville Sun Soo, Asheville, NC
Master Jessica Sabatian, 4th Dan, Aliso Hills Taekwon-do, Aliso Hills, CA

Next year’s Boot Camp will be held in early August (2017). More details to come as definite plans are made.

Summer Camp 2015

Martial Arts Training and Day Camp that Pack a Punch!

At Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do Summer Day Camp, Children will enjoy martial arts classes including self defense and character building sessions, “poetry with a punch,” arts & crafts, movies, swimming, games, “mad science,” and a weekly field trip … FUN!!!

Session 1: June 22-26
Session 2: July 13-17
Session 3: July 27-31

All sessions run from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

This camp is open to all children kindergarten age and above.

Note: Early drop-off and late pick-up will be charged an additional $5 for every 15 minutes. For your convenience, an extended care program is available- with early drop-off and/or extended pick-up for an additional fee. For more information, please call us at 828-505-4309 or stop by the Asheville Sun Soo Front Desk.

Camp registration forms are available at the Asheville Sun Soo front desk. Please stop by our school to pick up a form, or call us at 828-505-4309 if you’d like us to mail you the registration form. You can also download the print brochure and registration form.




KidsBrochure-Back Flat-2015

KidsBrochure-Back Flat-2015

Please return your completed form with payment to 1009 Patton Avenue Asheville, NC 28806.

Sample Schedule

9:00-9:30 Icebreaker games
9:30-10:00 Character trait art activity (ex. Integrity)
10:00-10:15 Snack
10:15-11:00 All levels combined TKD class (with a team of instructors)
11:00-12:00 Poetry with a punch (with the famous Allan Wolf)
12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:15 Art Proiect (ex. watercolor name in Korean)
1:15-1:45 Focus Games
1:45-3:00 Demo Team Practice (with Snack Break)

NOTE: Activities may vary slightly each day.

What to Bring to Camp Each Day

  • Water bottle with your name on it
  • Bag lunch and snack
  • TaeKwonDo uniform with belt
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen (On pool days, Tuesday & Thursday)

Fees (includes Snack)

Students: $250/week (early registration discounts!)
Uniform for Non-Students $40 (Required)
One-Day Camp: $6o

Family Discount:

20% Discount for additional Family Member(s)

Multiple Week Discount

Register for both weeks, receive a 20% discount on the second week!+ early registration discounts!

NOTE: No martial arts experience necessary, open to all enthusiastic, energetic kids!

Master Marr to visit Asheville for April Testing

This weekend at Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do, we would like to extend a warm welcome to 6th degree Master James Marr. When you see him in the studio this weekend, please introduce yourself and thank him for being here!
Master James Marr, 6th Dan, teaches traditional Taekwon-do as envisioned by its founder, General Choi Hong Hi. Master Marr opened his first school, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey in 2002. Eleven years and over 1500 students later, Marr moved with his wife and two children to Shaker Heights, Ohio, to be closer to extended family. His first school continues to run under the leadership of Master John Meany.

Although Master Marr’s Taekwon-do is independently owned and operated, it maintains a close association with S.J. Kim’s Taekwon-Do in Manhattan and Glen Ridge Taekwon-do in NJ. Master Marr’s Taekwon-do is a member of Taekwon-do International, of which Marr is Vice President.

Always a dedicated athlete, Master James Marr competed in track and field, swimming, wrestling, football, and bicycling before discovering Taekwon-do in college. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters degree in technical theatre, he moved to New York City to pursue a theatre career. Researching the numerous Taekwon-do schools in Manhattan, Master Marr found Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim, a direct disciple of Taekwon-do’s founder, General Choi Hong Hi.

Master Marr considers his school to be a place of learning, and his method of teaching emphasizes the traditional values of discipline, practice, hard work, and focus. He oversees all classes, and his goal is to help each student reach his or her full potential and therefore, he expects his students to learn and practice with diligence and sincerity.

When asked his favorite thing about practicing Tae Kwon Do, Master Marr says, “I don’t think about it anymore. I just do it.” He added that his favorite part of the traditional curriculum is the patterns (forms). Master Marr’s favorite teaching moments are the times when “a student’s face lights up because they suddenly get it!” He is excited to see Asheville Sun Soo students trying their hardest this weekend and shared that “best effort” is what he really cares about.

Thank you to Master Marr for making the journey to be with us this weekend – we greatly look forward to your visit!

Taekwon-Do International Tournament Registration

We are honored to host the 2014 Annual Taekwon-do International Invitational Championship Tournament, and we are looking forward to seeing you! You have two convenient options to register for the event: Read more

Guest Master Mark Tung Visits Asheville Sun Soo Taekwon-Do December 2013 Belt Rank Testing

Here at Asheville Sun Soo, we were pleased to welcome our guest master instructor for the December 2013 belt rank testing, 4th degree Master Mark Tung. Master Tung is admired and appreciated for his experience in martial arts and also for his kind and helpful nature with people. Read more

A Visit from Esteemed Grand Master Suk Jun Kim

Grand Master Suk Jun Kim will be our special guest next Saturday at color belt testing. There are very few 9th degree black belts in the world and even fewer who were directly promoted by General Choi, considered the “Father of Tae Kwon Do”. He has been practicing for 50 years.

Read more

Sun Soo Members Attend TKDI Summer Camp in New Jersey

September 19, 2011 – The instructional TaeKwon-Do International Summer Camp weekend was held in New Jersey at the end of August. There was plenty of training as well as summer fun.

Read more

Belt Level Testing 2011 Dates

When a martial arts student has mastered specific belt level requirements and has met minimum training times as set by Asheville Sun Soo Taekwondo, he or she will be able to test for the next belt level.

Testings are great opportunities for students to invite friends and family to enjoy the amazing progress everyone is making!  Testings always occur on weekends and have two parts: White and White-Yellow belts test on Friday nights and then Yellow belts and higher test the next day on Saturday afternoons (there will be one Sunday this year).  Following are the dates and times:

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, April 8th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, April 9th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, June 10th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, June 11th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, August 12th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, August 13th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, October 7th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Sunday, October 9th @ 2pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, December 9th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, December 10th @ 1pm