Hall of Fame Best of WNC 2019

Thank you for helping Asheville Sun Soo to be Selected as the Best in WNC!

Hall of Fame Best of WNC 2019Every year, the people of Western North Carolina are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite businesses in the area. We are proud to share that once again, Asheville Sun Soo has been voted #1 in the “Best of WNC” voting in several categories! We are honored to be recognized with this distinction, and are grateful for the support of the Asheville Sun Soo family and friends!

The categories in which we were voted #1 in WNC are:

In addition, we were voted the 3rd best Youth Sports Program in the Asheville area!

Thanks to all who voted!


* Indicates Hall of Fame status. This designation is reserved for winners who have won first place for at least 4 years in a row, including the current year!

Photo of Grandmaster Terry Brumley

Please Join Us in Welcoming Grandmaster Terry Brumley as our Guest Master Instructor for our August 2019 Testing Event

Photo of Grandmaster Terry Brumley

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is excited to have Grandmaster Terry Brumley, a 9th Degree Black Belt, as our Guest Master Instructor for the August 2019 Belt Rank Testing Event.

Grandmaster Morris and  Grandmaster Brumley were fellow speakers at the annual Grand Nationals for the United Taekwondo Alliance. Grandmaster Brumley is originally from Arkansas, and currently lives in Tennessee with his wife of 36 years, Julie.

Through his 3 locations of  “Taekwondo University”, Grandmaster Brumley seeks to help people lead better lives. He follows the principles of responsibility, confidence & courage, and making no excuses. He uses these principles and the understanding of their effect on our lives in all areas of his life. He believes that practitioners should practice confidently in order to perform courageously, and invites students to eliminate excuses and to face up to mistakes in order to learn from them. His book, “Live Your Potential,” further delves into these topics, and helps readers to make an impact on a daily basis.

Grandmaster Brumley began his martial arts journey when he was almost 16. He had been bullied, and enrolled in a taekwondo practice as a means of resolving his bully situation. Grandmaster Brumley thanks this situation for setting him on the proper path. He operates from the belief that we should have a positive attitude and should invest time in things that propel us forward. He sees himself as a lifelong student.

Eleven years ago, Grandmaster Brumley founded the United Taekwondo Alliance and serves on the Master’s Council. Collectively, the Council seeks to grow good and fair competition among its member schools.

He and his wife, Julie have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren, with one on the way. All of his children have entered the Black Belt ranks, and several of his grandchildren are current practitioners.

In closing, Grandmaster Brumley wants us to know that he loves what he does. “It’s something that changes people’s lives.” Please be certain to welcome him when you see him at testing this weekend. Thank you, Grandmaster Brumley!

Schedule Changes for the Week of July 29 – August 3rd

We are excited about travelling to Boot Camp on Friday, August 2nd! In order to facilitate our primary instructor staff attending this awesome training opportunity, we are amending our schedule for this upcoming weekend – August 2nd and August 3rd.

On Friday, August 2nd, our 8:30am Adult/Family Mixed Rank class will be replaced wit an open mat session. This will be an awesome opportunity for all ranks to practice curriculum on their own, facilitated by some of our adult students in the Black Belt ranks. Class credit will be granted for all students who attend this open mat session, so please pull your card upon arrival!

There will not be an Adult BBC class on Friday evening. However, the Adult Beginner class will still be held as is usual. Please remember that while this class is open to all adult practitioners, the curriculum covered will be explicitly geared towards our students who are currently white belts.

All other Friday classes will follow their regular schedule.

On Saturday, August 3rd, all classes, except for the Masters class, will follow their regular schedule. The Masters class will, much like Friday morning, be an open mat opportunity for Black Belts of all ranks. Students in the Black Belt ranks are invited to take this opportunity to practice upper belt curriculum.

We will resume our regular schedule on Monday, August 5th. Please remember that our August testing event begins Friday, August 9th (a week from this Friday, August 2nd)!

Thank you!

Grandmaster Tony Morris Visits Leicester Elementary

Grandmaster Morris and Ms Amy Vaughn's First Grade Class at Leicester ElementaryFounder and Head Master Instructor Grandmaster Tony Morris recently paid a visit to local elementary school, Leicester Elementary. He taught students some of the basics of self-defense and the tenets of Tae Kwon Do, while conducting a class that was fun and engaging.

While engaging with these students, Grandmaster Morris was also there to support teacher Amy Vaughn, a 2nd degree Black Belt practitioner at Asheville Sun Soo, as well as a first grade teacher at Leicester Elementary.

It is always a pleasure to support our local community, and we are proud of the contributions our students regularly make to the local community. If you are interested in booking Asheville Sun Soo for a martial arts demonstration, self-defense class, or other engaging venue for your group or organization, please contact Grandmaster Tony Morris at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts – 828-505-4309.

Asheville Sun Soo Participates in the 2019 US Masters Invitational Taekwon-do Championship

Once again, Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts took a contingent of students to the annual TKDI Invitational Tournament, known as the “US Masters Invitational Taekwon-do” Championship. This event was hosted by Glen Ridge Taekwondo, which is owned and operated by Master John Meany and Master Laura Giletti.

Asheville Sun Soo would like to congratulate Master Meany and Master Giletti for running an excellent tournament this year. As expected, this year’s tournament was characterized by positive energy, a high degree of professionalism, and an all-around healthy competitive spirit!

Grandmaster Morris is proud of and would like to recognize the students from Asheville Sun Soo who made the trip to NJ to compete. All of them did well, and were a pleasure to have on the trip!

This year’s competitors include:

Photo of tournament participants from Asheville Sun Soo John Rivera, 3rd Dan

Shallon Jacques, 3rd Dan

Jennifer Marshall, 2nd Dan

Cyd Smith, 2nd Dan

Jillian Hintz, 1st Dan

Devin Martin, 1st Dan

Eve Flaum, 1st Dan

Tabitha Morgan, Blue-Red Belt

We would like to give special recognition to 2nd Dan Black Belt, Ms. Jennifer Marshall for winning the Forms Grand Championship trophy! This trophy is awarded to the top forms competitor in the Black Belt ranks, which this year included 17 different schools!

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Had an Amazing April 2019 Testing Weekend and Grand Opening Celebration!

We would like to congratulate all who tested, and are very proud of our students and how much work they put into their practice. HIGHLIGHTS OF TESTING INCLUDE:

montford and north asheville neighbors logoWe would like to thank Christine Priola, Publisher of Montford & North Asheville Neighbors, for sponsoring our April testing event. Each issue will feature a family local to the coverage area, and will highlight businesses that provide goods and services to people who live and work in Montford and North Asheville. Like Asheville Sun Soo, Ms. Priola is committed to building community and helping local businesses and families. We look forward to the growth of this partnership!

photo of taekwondo black beltsAsheville Sun Soo Martial Arts was grateful to have several high-ranking Guest Master Instructors in attendance. They conducted a fun and informative Master’s Seminar on Saturday, and served on our judging panel! Thanks to:

Master James Marr is a 7th Degree black belt who, along with his wife Master Elaine Bayless, a 5th degree black belt, runs Master Marr’s Taekwondo in Shaker Heights, OH. Masters Marr and Bayless are both students of Grand Master Suk Jun Kim.

Master John Meany is a 7th Degree black belt with over 25 years of experience practicing and teaching Taekwon-do.  Master Meany is a student of Grand Master Suk Jun Kim in New York City. He and his wife, Master Laura Giletti, a 6th Degree black belt, run Glen Ridge Taekwondo in Montclair, NJ.

Master Paul D’Ambrosio (Master D) is certified as a 7th Degree Master in the original traditional style of Taekwon-do, as well as a 4th Degree Master in Olympic sport Taekwondo. This uniquely qualifies him to teach to a very wide range of students, from the young Olympic hopeful to the more mature practitioner. He is the founder and primary instructor at Aliso Hills Taekwondo in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Master Ethan Morris is a 4th Degree Black Belt, and hold the distinction of being the first student promoted to the rank of Master in Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts. Master Ethan Morris is a senior at UNC Chapel Hill, and will be graduating with honors this year with a dual major in Economics and Spanish.

Also in attendance was Master Bob Kerr. We always appreciate his presence in our space, and while he did not sit on our panel, we would like to acknowledge his being here!

The April testing also served as our Grand Opening Celebration. While not the first belt rank testing held in our current location at River Ridge Market Place, it was certainly the first in which we truly felt like we were settled in at our new home.

We would like to acknowledge all the students who advanced in rank at this testing event. Special acknowledgment to (now) Grandmaster Tony Morris, who was awarded his 8th Degree during the April testing. Congratulations Sir!

The following students tested for Black Belt Ranks during the June testing. Congratulations to all of you!

Jonathan Ortiz – 10, promoted to Junior 2nd Degree

Emily Orozco – 12, promoted to Junior 2nd Degree

Katie Parsons – 13, promoted to Junior 2nd Degree

Sterling Bishop – 16, promoted to 2nd Degree

Aria Cronin – 10, promoted to Junior 1st Degree

montford and north asheville neighbors logo

Asheville Sun Soo Welcomes the Montford & North Asheville Neighbors Publication as The Sponsor for Our April Belt Rank Testing Event!

montford and north asheville neighbors logoMontford & North Asheville Neighbors is a is an exclusive community publication that builds and strengthens authentic relationships between Montford and North Asheville neighbors and local Asheville Businesses. Their micro targeted full color glossy magazine goes directly into the mailboxes of 2500 families every month.

Founder and Publisher Christine Priola originally hails from Hoboken, NJ. She and her twin daughters, now 16, moved to Asheville 4 years ago. She believes in community, and knows the sacrifice it takes to raise a family and to run a business. Christine believes in providing a positive example to others, especially children, so that they know that they can work towards any goal!

At Asheville Sun Soo, building strong community is one of our primary accomplishments – one that we value greatly. Our mission statement is “To make the greatest positive difference for the greatest number of people.Building high-functioning, supportive, engaging, inspiring, and healthy communities is an accomplishment that both Asheville Sun Soo and the Montford & North Asheville Neighbors publication both share. We look forward to our continued partnership!

“As the Publisher of Montford & North Asheville Neighbors, I have been inspired! Inspired by the many Local Asheville Businesses I meet daily. Inspired by families I meet every day. Everyone has a Story. Sharing our stories is essential to building a strong Community. By listening to what motivates our local business owners’ journey[s], to learning about the dreams of the kids at the bus stop, to [offering] a “Good Morning!” to the guy on the corner, we are building connections. WE walk our dogs together, [WE] go to yoga together, [WE] grab coffee together, [WE] hike with our kids together. [WE] are Neighbors. Let’s CELEBRATE US!! “
Christine Priola

Logo for First Bank Asheville, Sponsor for 2019 February Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Thanks First Bank for Sponsoring February 2019 Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts would like to thank North Carolina-based First Bank for sponsoring our February 2019 Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing event. We’d like to give special thanks to Jarrod Perkins, a practicing student at Asheville Sun Soo, and local Branch Manager, for his coordination of this partnership.

First Bank has been serving NC since 1935. They offer a complete array of banking products including mortgages, commercial loans, and insurance, as well as personal checking and savings accounts. There are 13 locations here in Western North Carolina, so please stop by and see what they have to offer!

We’d like to additionally thank First Bank for providing some of the commercial financing for our relocation. They made the process easy and have been excellent partners in this endeavor. Thank you First Bank!

Logo for First Bank Asheville, Sponsor for 2019 February Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Had a Great February 2019 Testing – The First in Our New Space!!

Asheville Sun Soo Participates in National Girls and Women Day events

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts To Be A Sponsor of the National Girls & Women in Sports Day Events at UNC Asheville February 16th

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is thrilled to be a sponsor for our local National Girls and Women in Sports Day events this Saturday, February 16th, held on the campus of UNC Asheville!

Created as a means of celebrating the achievements of women and girls in athletics, as well as provide exposure to different types of physical activity, National Girls and Women in Sports Day is celebrated in February every year. This year’s event is being coordinated by the Asheville Parks and Recreation department, and will be held at UNC Asheville.

Asheville Sun Soo will be conducting 40 minute classes with 10 minute intervals in between. These start at 9:30am, 10:20am, and 11:10am, and are followed by an exciting demonstration beginning at noon. Clinics will be open to all participants in the events of the day! Asheville Sun Soo looks forward to treating event attendees to an inspirational example of what is possible with a martial arts practice!

Students who wish to participate should arrive at the Student Recreation center no fewer than 20 minutes before the event  they plan to attend. Please wear your white uniforms!

With the exception of the Mighty Tigers/Mighty Lions class scheduled for 8am, Asheville Sun Soo will not be holding classes at our location in the River Ridge Market Place on Saturday, February 16th . Instead, all students wishing to attend class on Saturday can choose from among the clinic sessions and demonstration opportunity. Students are invited to come to one or more of these sessions. Class credit will be available – be sure to sign in upon arrival!

Sessions are as follows:

Saturday, February 16th

  • 9:30am-10:10am, arrive by 9:10am
  • 10:20am-11am, arrive by 10am
  • 11:10am-11:50am, arrive by 10:50am
  • Demonstration at 12 noon

White uniforms only!

As a school, Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is intentional about supporting healthy community events. We are particularly excited about supporting women and girls being involved in sports of all types. We are excited about being a part of this year’s event!

If you are interested in having Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts do a demonstration or class for your group or event, please contact Master Tony Morris at tkdtonymorris@gmail.com or by phone at 1-828-505-4309.