Zinnia Marquis – author, drummer, Tae-Kwon-Do-er!

Our student spotlight this week is on Zinnia Marquis.  Zinnia is a kind and hardworking 3rd grader who practices with her father and her younger brother.   We appreciate Zinnia’s inclusive attitude and the responsibility she takes for her own learning.  Zinnia was also recently published in the Mountain Xpress! She wrote a piece called “What is community?” and you can find it on pg. 48 of the March 17-25 issue of the Mountain Xpress.  To quote Zinnia, “community is a group of people, but it’s not just a group of people, it’s people who care for each other and are willing to lend a hand when needed.”  We are grateful to have Zinnia and her family as part of our community here at Sun Soo!

zinnia marquis








Age: 9

Rank: Blue

Where you go to school: The Learning Community

Why you practice: I don’t really know why but I wanted to learn Tae Kwon Do ever since I was about 5 years old and it’s still really important to me to keep going.

How long you’ve been practicing: About a year and three quarters.

What you enjoy most about your practice so far: I think what I enjoy the most so far is two things, one is that new burst of energy you get after testing even if you didn’t test that says “I’m doing to keep going, I’m going to do my best and beyond.”  And two is sharing the experience with my family and friends.

Other hobbies/interests: Music, theatre, and any form of art.

Something people at Tae Kwon Do probably don’t know about you:  Apart from Tae Kwon Do I also take drums and I am a quarter Irish.

Favorite Tae Kwon Do moment:  If I were just picking something off the top of my head I would say everything but I’ve thought a lot about it and I’m going to say being invited to the Black Belt Club.

Taekwon-Do International Tournament Registration

We are honored to host the 2014 Annual Taekwon-do International Invitational Championship Tournament, and we are looking forward to seeing you! You have two convenient options to register for the event: Read more

Asheville Sun Soo Taekwon-Do To Host International Tournament

Taekwon-Do International PatchMark your calendars, folks! We’re honored to be the host of  Taekwon-Do International’s Annual Black Belt Seminar and Invitational Spring Tournament for 2014. The tournament will take place at the DeVries Gymnasium at Warren Wilson College on Saturday, June 7th. Tournament participation is an important part of a developing a complete martial artist. Read more

Guest Master Mark Tung Visits Asheville Sun Soo Taekwon-Do December 2013 Belt Rank Testing

Here at Asheville Sun Soo, we were pleased to welcome our guest master instructor for the December 2013 belt rank testing, 4th degree Master Mark Tung. Master Tung is admired and appreciated for his experience in martial arts and also for his kind and helpful nature with people. Read more

Sun Soo at Eblen Intermediate School

In February, Master Morris, Mr. Dickinson and several Sun Soo students volunteered at Eblen Intermediate School, teaching 6th grade PE for a week. The focus was on practicing self discipline and self respect while learning some of the tae kwon do  fundamentals.

WLOS did a story about it on their “Never Stop Learning” segment with Tammy Watford. Watch the video here.

A Visit from Esteemed Grand Master Suk Jun Kim

Grand Master Suk Jun Kim will be our special guest next Saturday at color belt testing. There are very few 9th degree black belts in the world and even fewer who were directly promoted by General Choi, considered the “Father of Tae Kwon Do”. He has been practicing for 50 years.

Read more

Sun Soo Members Attend TKDI Summer Camp in New Jersey

September 19, 2011 – The instructional TaeKwon-Do International Summer Camp weekend was held in New Jersey at the end of August. There was plenty of training as well as summer fun.

Read more

Belt Level Testing 2011 Dates

When a martial arts student has mastered specific belt level requirements and has met minimum training times as set by Asheville Sun Soo Taekwondo, he or she will be able to test for the next belt level.

Testings are great opportunities for students to invite friends and family to enjoy the amazing progress everyone is making!  Testings always occur on weekends and have two parts: White and White-Yellow belts test on Friday nights and then Yellow belts and higher test the next day on Saturday afternoons (there will be one Sunday this year).  Following are the dates and times:

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, April 8th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, April 9th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, June 10th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, June 11th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, August 12th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, August 13th @ 1pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, October 7th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Sunday, October 9th @ 2pm

White & White-Yellow:  Friday, December 9th @ 6pm
Yellow and above:         Saturday, December 10th @ 1pm

What Shape is Your Vessel…this Moment?

Several years ago, while attending a training in leadership, I saw a most remarkable demonstration.   The primary point was profound.  The materials used were familiar.  And the contrast between the profundity of the point and the commonness of the props gave great amplification to the impact of the demonstration.  It was incredibly simple — with straight forward results.  And yet I knew, in a very specific and memorable moment, that I would forever see and experience life differently — from that reference mark forward!

The materials used included two individual, uniquely and specifically shaped clear glass vessels, as well as one large pitcher of water.  The first vessel was about a foot tall and narrow, about two inches wide and square in its cross-section.  The second vessel was short – about six inches tall, pear-shaped and approximately six inches in diameter at its widest point.

Without saying a word, the demonstrator lifted the pitcher of water and proceeded to carefully and slowly pour the water into the first glass vessel.  Read more

Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do Changes its Class Schedule

We have made a few modifications to the schedule in order to better serve you!  All schedule changes are effective Monday, November 29th 2010.  Please check the online schedule for changes that may affect your classes.  Following are the changes:

1) Adult – Mixed ranks on Mon & Wed will now start at 30 min earlier than before and run from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

2) Adult – Masters Club will start 30 min. earlier and run from 5:30pm-6:15pm and be held on Mondays only (adult black-belts are strongly encouraged to attend!).

3)  Mighty Tigers will be held on Tues & Thurs only (same time — 4pm-4:30pm)

4)  Adult-ONLY class will move from late Thur to immediately following the new time for adult – mixed rank on Mondays.  So, Adult-only class will now be held Mondays from 7:45pm-8:45pm.

5)  We are adding a Kids-Masters Class!  It will initially be open to all kids red-black and above and be held Wed from 5:30pm-6:15pm.  Upper ranking kids get ready!

6)  Saturdays Kids classes (kids-beginners, intermediate and advanced) will all start 15 mins earlier than in the past (see schedule).

7)  We are starting an official Demo-Team Practice for Demo-Team members.  This class will start at 11:00am Saturday morning (immediately after Kids-Advanced class ends).  Demo team class will run from 11:00am-11:35am (Demo Team members be on time!).

8)  Saturday’s Adult – Mixed rank class will start 15 mins later than in the past and go 1 hr and 20 mins.  Saturday’s Adult-Mixed Rank class will now run from 11:45am-1:05pm.

We hope you find these changes to your benefit.  Note all changes are now in affect.  Please confirm any class schedule changes that affect you or your family members.