TKDI 2016 Summer Boot Camp

Asheville Sun Soo was pleased to be the host school for this year’s Taekwon-do International Summer Boot Camp August 5th through August 7th, 2016. The weekend consisted of practice in a variety of areas, with the intent of improving and inspiring all who attended.

Skills Draw from Krav Maga & Jiu Jitsu

Sessions held included generating power, proper techniques for kicking and punching, forms, sparring, stretching, and self-defense. While the focus was primarily on Taekwon-do skills, some of the techniques employed drew from other arts such as Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu. The weekend ended with a recap of the lessons covered.

Many thanks to all of the highly skilled instructors who provided the training. They were:

Grandmaster S.J. Kim, 9th Dan, Founder and President of Taekwon-do International
Master Mark Nathanson, 7th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do
Master Tony Morris, 7th Dan, Asheville Sun Soo Tae Kwon Do, Asheville, NC
Master John Meany, 7th Dan, Taekwon-do International Chief Instructor, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master James Marr, 7th Dan, Master Marr’s Taekwon-do, Shaker Heights, OH
Master Laura Giletti, 6th Dan, Glen Ridge Taekwon-do, Montclair, NJ
Master Keith Klok, , 6th Dan, Klok’s School of Martial Arts, Wake Forest, NC, Full Instructor Krav Maga
Professor Thabiti Sabahive, 5th Dan Dansan Ryu Jujitsu, Asheville Sun Soo, Asheville, NC
Master Jessica Sabatian, 4th Dan, Aliso Hills Taekwon-do, Aliso Hills, CA

Next year’s Boot Camp will be held in early August (2017). More details to come as definite plans are made.