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Transformational Personal Development: Focus, Balance, Awareness, Confidence, Connection and Skill

We strive to develop the whole person in every class – challenging the mind with a call to presence, focus and attention to detail, building the body with rigor, capacity and skill – and lifting the spirit with inspiration in an atmosphere that builds the highest character. We even offer classes in which your entire family can practice together.

All of our classes are led by expertly-trained, exceptionally-skilled, and highly-educated, internationally certified, adult instructors.  Our full-time professional instructors are inspiring members of our local community and enthusiastically maintain a practice themselves through multiple classes per week – as examples to our students – constantly striving for higher levels in all areas of our lives.

Adult White Belt Only Classes

Ages Unlimited

Our mission to make the greatest positive difference for the greatest number of people starts at the very beginning of each student’s practice.  Twice a week, we offer an Adult White Belt Only Tae Kwon Do class to allow adults early in their practice to receive instruction at an exceptionally focused and measured pace. This additional instruction helps them create sound fundamentals to support them in their primary and faster paced mixed-rank classes. Adult White Belt Only classes also feature support by a large number of more experienced color belts and black belts who attend to offer their assistance. From the very beginning, our adult students are off to a great start technically in a welcoming and encouraging community. We have a high participation rate in our adult classes. We find Traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) helps students of all ages.

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Thursday & Friday  6:00-6:40pm

Adult / Family Mixed Rank Classes

Ages Unlimited

At Asheville Sun Soo, our Adult/Family Mixed Rank classes are inviting and exciting, with all ranks and experience levels working together in a family-friendly atmosphere to serve our extensive adult population while also providing opportunities for entire families to practice together. We know that parents and children often look for activities they can practice together. These classes offer just that.  Working on their martial practices together is a desirable opportunity for many families. Teens and younger children may join their parents in these classes, making it possible to spend family time together while getting fit and learning practical self-defense.

These highly aerobic classes provide a full-body workout, including cross-training with equal attention to upper and lower body, as well as to the left and right sides of the body. Each class is mentally and physically stimulating, stress-relieving and empowering, leaving students feeling better than they did when they walked in – each and every time – while helping them develop excellent self-defense skills. Our Adult/Family Mixed Rank classes are facilitated by full-time instructor teams, assisted by multiple black belts and led 50% of the time by 8th degree founder and resident Master Instructor Tony Morris.

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Simultaneously ZOOM &  IN-PERSON:

Saturday  10:50am-12:10pm

Tuesday  6:40-7:40pm


Monday & Wednesday  12:00-1:00pm

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday  6:40-7:40pm

Teen Martial Arts Classes Middle School & High School

Ages 11-17

At Asheville Sun Soo, our Teen classes serve our middle school and high school-aged students in a high energy, rigorous and socially aware environment. These classes are designed to help our teens become even more excellent students by giving them an opportunity to come together among their peers to push each other to practice diligently to be the best they can be. Many parents come to us wanting a regular activity for their teenagers to do in the summer or school year to keep them focused and productive. Once they find us, they realize the extensive benefits their teen receives by practicing here. Fast paced and challenging, this class recognizes the unique opportunities for development and inspiration available during the teen years. Emphasis is placed on excellence, leadership and a commitment to successful habits, both currently and ongoing. At Asheville Sun Soo, our teens discover the amazing breadth of their potential and acquire skills to realize that potential within their respective selves, as well as develop the leadership and inspirational skills to stimulate others to do the same.

At Asheville Sun Soo, our teens develop excellent character and become examples among their peers as respectful and contributing citizens in the community and accomplished martial artists. Academically, over 90% of the teens who have practiced with us for greater than two years have become straight-A students. 

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Friday  5:10-5:50pm

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Ages 6-ish to 10-ish

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts has been consistently voted #1 in the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC. At Asheville Sun Soo, our Kids classes serve mostly elementary school-aged kids in a high-energy, disciplined, focused, structured and intelligent environment that is rigorous, inclusive and fun. Our kids karate classes are led by several highly educated and exceptionally trained adult instructors who dedicate their full-time profession to developing students through traditional martial arts practice. Kids classes at Asheville Sun Soo are widely known for their unparalleled instructor-to-student ratios and exceptionally high skill standards.

Much More than an Asheville After School Activity: Build Character Discipline Confidence & Focus in Children

Many parents call us looking to find extra-curricular activities for their children in Asheville. Parents quickly find that our classes offer much more than a typical after school activity. In addition to the teaching of excellent martial arts skills, our Kids classes develop high moral character, discipline and focus, cooperation and contribution, self-confidence and an overall commitment to excellence that resonates in every area of life as they cultivate successful life skills. Kids classes at Asheville Sun Soo are classified according to skill level – Kids Beginner Rank classes, Kids Intermediate Rank classes, Kids Advanced Rank classes – allowing the curriculum for each to be specific and appropriate to the students in each class. All of Asheville Sun Soo’s full time adult instructors rotate the lead instruction in our Kids classes, over one-third being led by 8th degree founder and resident Master Instructor Tony Morris.  

“The overwhelming majority of our younger students, who have been practicing with us for more than two years, have become straight-A students in school.” Tony Morris, Founder & Grandmaster Instructor 

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See our Mighty Tiger Martial Arts Classes for Toddlers

Learn more about our programs 


This highly structured and organized class is for White and White-Yellow Belts. These are kids early in their practice, with no prior experience. They are learning traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate). We believe in laying a great foundation, which is why Kids Beginner class is all about groundwork and fundamentals for an effective and impactful martial arts practice. Kids Beginner class puts extra emphasis on respect and great social skills, excellent manners, the ability to focus, and developing good body habits for mechanically sound martial arts movements. We focus our attention on each Beginner Kid to ensure they are learning well and developing the confidence to be a martial artist. On top of all of this, we are having FUN!

As an additional layer of support to the Kids Beginner students, we offer 3 opportunities for additional help to White Belt kids. These 20 minute sessions are taught by 3 of our instructors. The Monday and Thursday sessions are immediately following the Kids Beginner Class, the Friday session is a stand-alone session. Please feel free to attend any of these sessions as a supplement to your regular class schedule.


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  4:30-5:10pm

Wednesday  3:40-4:20pm

Saturday  8:40-9:20am


Monday  5:20-5:40pm

Thursday  5:20-5:40pm


Kids Intermediate builds on the solid foundation already established through the Kids Beginner class. This class is for our next four belt ranks: Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green and Green-Blue.  With fundamentals in place, our Intermediate kids begin to expand their skill-set while simultaneously refining their early skills. Progress continues in all areas during these middle ranks as our kids build their identities as capable, confident, kind and responsible martial artists, all the while moving toward eventual graduation to the Kids Advanced classes.


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  3:40-4:20pm

Wednesday  4:30-5:10pm

Saturday  9:20-10:00am


Kids Advanced classes includes Blue Belts and above. By this point, students have been practicing a minimum of one year and have made tremendous progress since their start as White Belts.  Well established as “martial artists” at this stage in their practice, our Advanced Kids are excellent students in school, high-functioning family members, leaders among their peers, and skillful martial artists. In this class, students continue to delve deeper into all areas of self-development, while expanding their skill set as Tae Kwon Do practitioners. Our Advanced students take their practice seriously and have established it as a foundation upon which to support success in all areas of their lives as they aim toward entering the Black Belt ranks!


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  5:10-5:50pm

 & Wednesday  6:00-6:40pm

Saturday 10:00-10:40am

Mighty Tiger Classes
Martial Arts: Preschoolers/Toddlers

Children Ages 3 year-olds to 5 year-olds

At Asheville Sun Soo, our Mighty Tiger classes serve preschool-aged kids (3-5) in a playful yet structured and disciplined environment. When toddlers learn karate, they learn manners, balance, listening skills, and more. We find that parents are often looking for activities for preschool-aged toddlers or after school activities for kindergartners. Our classes at Sun Soo are much more than an activity for toddlers. These classes offer a significant opportunities for toddlers to learn life skills. These classes are designed to develop fundamentals in critical areas for kids at this age. Finding classes for 3 year-olds and 4 year-olds that are not in the typical “mommy and me” format is a difficult task. In the Mighty Tigers class, emphasis is placed on helping our toddler students develop in a well-rounded manner: socially, with excellent manners, taking initiative, and being a contribution; physically, with balance, coordination, reflex development, and left/right distinction; emotionally, with emphasis on personal responsibility; mentally, with attention to detail, listening skills, and the ability to focus; and in the early stages of self defense, by learning to distinguish between healthy and harmful situations, and how to get away from danger.

Most of our toddlers in the Mighty Tigers class develop so well in this program that they graduate to the Kids Beginner classes and are able to continue a long and fruitful practice built on their excellent Mighty Tiger foundation. Our Mighty Tiger classes have superb teaching ratios and are taught by our entire instruction team, headed by Grandmaster Morris.

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Monday & Wednesday  3:00-3:30pm

Tuesday  & Thursday  5:50-6:20pm

Saturday  8:00-8:30am


MASTERS CLUB: Advanced Martial Arts Skills

At Asheville Sun Soo, we facilitate a martial arts practice as a life practice. As a result, it is common for our students to continue their practice as a means to provide ongoing support for all aspects of their lives. As our students enter the black belt ranks, we provide classes and curriculum for them to eventually reach master levels of practice. These black-belt-only classes, and the corresponding curriculum and culture, we call Masters Club. In these classes, we practice advanced skills in an environment where existing black belt practitioners work alongside other black belts while receiving instruction from 8th Degree Master Instructor Tony Morris, all in the continued pursuit of excellence.  

All Masters Club classes are structured in such a way that all of our students in the Black Belt ranks, regardless of age, can practice together. A true martial arts practice is a lifelong practice with limitless improvement, learning and growth.

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Monday  5:55 – 6:45 (In-Person and on ZOOM, live and recorded)


In addition to a comprehensive Traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum supported by a sub-curriculum of Hapkido, Asheville Sun Soo also offers a parallel Danzan Ryu Jujitsu curriculum with emphasis on falling, rolling, sweeping, throwing, escapes and submissions. This curriculum is offered as an additional and parallel track to Tae Kwon Do practitioners, or as an independent stand-alone curriculum. Instruction is facilitated by 6th Degree Professor Thabiti Sabahive in a welcoming environment that focuses on attention to detail, effective technique with safe and respectful protocols.

 Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:55-8:55 pm


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Classes Tuesday and Thursday 7:55 – 8:55pm


The Asheville Sun Soo Adult Black Belt Club is reserved for color belt adult students who show distinguished promise as martial artists. By accepting this invitation, these students take on a personal commitment to themselves and each other to reach at least their 1st Degree Black Belt. As a school, we offer additional resources to these students pursuing their black belts, including twice monthly Adult Black Belt Club classes. These are held every other Friday evening and last for 40 minutes. Adult color belts who have made the commitment to become at least 1st Degree Black Belt and are in the Black Belt Club are eligible to participate. In these classes, they are able to practice additional techniques and skills to a higher standard and in a culture that supports their long-term goals.  Along with higher levels of physical skill, Adult Black Belt Club classes cultivate exceptional leadership and effectiveness and a practice of excellence that becomes foundational to all domains of life. Prepare to take your skills to the next level!

Every other Friday  6:00-7:00pm (unless superseded by a holiday or special event.)


At Asheville Sun Soo, we support our color belt students in pursuing a life-long, empowering and inspiring martial arts practice. As a means for creating and sustaining such a practice, we have created a Black Belt Club, providing a structure, culture and curriculum that will support students as they reach the black belt ranks one day. Given the rigor and excellent standards of the martial arts practice at Asheville Sun Soo, the Kids Black Belt Club classes are dedicated to color belts who have made the commitment to pursue black belt ranks into their future. In these classes, students are able to practice additional techniques and skills at a higher standard and in a culture that supports their long-term goals. Along with higher levels of physical skill, Kids Black Belt Club classes cultivate exceptional leadership skills and a quest for excellence that becomes a foundation for all domains of life.

Wednesday  5:10-5:50pm

Friday  4:30-5:10pm


At Asheville Sun Soo, our commitment to excellence goes all the way to the top. The full-time instruction staff practices according to a regular, disciplined schedule. We are constantly improving and maintaining technical and instruction skills, while setting a credible example for our student body. Included in this discipline are our Instructors Only classes, all taught by 8th Degree Master Instructor Tony Morris with a focus on excellence and the highest professional practices.  

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