At Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts, our tagline – Commitment to Excellence – supports our philosophy that everyone is capable of being great and everyone wants to be great, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

We believe that human beings are like water – taking the shape of the environment in which they operate. Immersed in an environment of excellence, people become excellent. As excellence becomes familiar, excellence becomes a habit. As excellence becomes a habit, excellence becomes an identity – yielding confidence and impacting and inspiring all aspects of life.

We at Asheville Sun Soo, have created an environment and culture that encourages our martial arts practitioners to stretch beyond the limits of their existing beliefs and to be their best selves in every moment. We cooperate with and encourage each other, push each other to work hard and do it even better than before, while lifting each other to new heights in the process.

Our friendly, welcoming community is nurturing and safe as we all strive to go for it! While we’re practical about some of life’s limitations, our larger focus is all about all the ways we can succeed as opposed to the reasons we tell ourselves we can’t. We believe that everyone is special and remarkable in their own ways and that operating in an inspiring, rigorous and positive environment allows development to occur to its highest possibility.

We hold a martial arts practice as a means to develop as a whole person – mentally, spiritually and physically. At Asheville Sun Soo, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to be beautiful, powerful and intelligent – all at the same time; an excellent, exciting combination! Come practice with us. Come be your best self at Asheville Sun Soo.

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