David Tindall makes the most of his Tae Kwon Do practice!

Our student spotlight this week is on David Tindall. David is an excellent martial artist and contributor at Asheville Sun Soo. David and and his wife Amy were both inspired to begin their Tae Kwon Do practice by their son, Chiron (age 12), who currently holds the rank of blue belt. David approaches his practice with an open-minded attitude and allows his classes to serve as reflections for his entire life. David and his family set a great example of teamwork, as they frequently practice together outside of class and gently push each other towards improvement. It is always very special when a parent follows the example of their child and starts a martial arts practice, and David is no exception. We are grateful for the openness, humility, and enthusiasm that David brings to his practice at Asheville Sun Soo. Tae Kwon Do is a vehicle for self improvement, and it is clear that David understands and applies this idea. Thank you David for being a part of our community!

What is your age? 46 (over 21)

What is your rank? Green

What is your occupation? General Manager, Mellow Mushroom Pizza

How long have you been practicing? One year.

Why do you practice? To improve upper-body strength, body awareness and self confidence

What do you enjoy most about your practice so far? The psychological aspects of body movement, especially starting to learn about the dynamics of physical interactions with others.

What are some of your other hobbies/interests? Hiking, concerts, bicycling, table games with family.

What is something people at Asheville Sun Soo probably don’t know about you? I volunteer at WNC Group Homes for Autistic Persons as Human Rights Committee Chairman.

What is your Tae Kwon Do moment? I have two…seeing my son in his first class (first in our family), and seeing my wife in her first class.