Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts had a great June 2018 testing weekend! We would like to congratulate all who tested, and are very proud of our students and how much work they put into their practice. We were fortunate enough to have local news ABC affiliate WLOS-TV13 on site, and they profiled our 3 Master Rank candidates on the evening news.


We would like to thank eleEOS for sponsoring our June testing event. eleEOS offers eco-friendly products that save you money on your utility bills, improve air quality, soften your water, and condition your environment more efficiently. For more information about their products and services, please visit their website at

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts was grateful to have 8th Dan Grandmaster Barry Partridge as our Guest Master Instructor for the June belt rank testing event. Grandmaster Partridge, who has been practicing for over 40 years, came to us from Winston Salem. Grandmaster Partridge is the Master Instructor of two schools, both called United Taekwondo Academy – one of which is in Winston-Salem and the other of which is in Chapel Hill. Thank you, Grandmaster Partridge!

Special Acknowledgement goes to the following Black Belt candidates for testing to their 4th Dan – the first rank in the Master ranks. They are:

Photo of Master Randy Langley, retired engineer and new 4th Dan

Master Randy Langley: 76

  • Retired (former engineer)
  • Married for almost 55 years
  • Grandfather of 4
Master Amy Dexter tested to her 4th Degree Black Belt.

Master Amy Dexter: 48

Photo of Master Ian Dowling

Master Ian Dowling: 17

  • Rising college freshman – UNC Chapel Hill

We would also like to recognize our other 5 Black Belt candidates. Your hard work is appreciated, and we are proud of you!

Photo of Mister Sam Apostolopoulos, 3rd Dan

Mr. Sam Apostolopoulos: 17

  • Rising college freshman – Wake Forest University

Tested to 3rd Dan

Photo of Ms. Karen Brinkman, 2nd Dan

Karen Brinkman: 68

  • Visits Assisted Living facilities with her therapy dog, Sadie
  • Reading tutor at the New City Christian School
  • Daughter who lives in South Korea just had her first child

Tested to 2nd Dan

Photo of Ms. JoAnn McElrath, 2nd Dan

JoAnn McElrath: 65

  • Tested to 2nd Dan
  • Retired psychologist
  • Quilts and knits
  • Loves to drive fast cars fast
  • Enjoys doing fun things with her 4 grandchildren

Tested to 2nd Dan

Kari Richmond: 42

  • Music teacher with Music Together

Tested to 1st Dan

Photo of Mr Tim Johnson II, 1st Dan

Tim Johnson II: 15

  • Rising 10th grader

Tested to 1st Dan