Local Author is one of the TaeKwon-Do folk!

Our student spotlight this week is on Allan Wolf.  allanwolfAllan is a tremendous contribution to the community here at Sun Soo.  He has practiced Tae Kwon Do for 5 years and recently earned his 2nd degree black belt.  Allan is a poet and author who tours regularly and has been recognized internationally for his works which are mostly directed at youth audiences.  In the do-jang, Allan brings a unique enthusiasm and creativity to his practice and to all his interactions with other students.  He readily offers his kind feedback and encouragement to new practitioners.  We also love that Allan practices with his teenage sons, Simon and Ethan.  All three of them train hard together and support each other as a family! We are grateful that Allan is part of our family here and that he brings his A game to every class!

Name: Allan Wolf
Age: 51
Rank: 2nd Degree, Black Belt
Occupation: Author, Poet, and Presenter.
Why you practice: It makes me feel great! It keeps me flexible and strong. And I really love the community. Plus it’s something I can share with my sons, Ethan and Simon.
How long you’ve been practicing: At Sun Soo, almost 5 years. Although I have “dabbled” off and on my whole life.
What you enjoy most about your practice so far: The feeling of accomplishment. The quality of instruction. The sense of community. The friendships. And the opportunity to be associated with such a professional, top-drawer organization.
Other hobbies/interests: Vermi-composting. I actually have an rather extensive worm farm in my basement.
Something people at TKD probably don’t know about you: I just released a live album with my band, The Dead Poets. It’s called “The Dead Poets: III”
Favorite Tae Kwon Do moment: Testing or 2nd Degree with my son Ethan.