Mark Meiri – Science Teacher, Father, Asheville Martial Artist

adult sports lessonsHow old are you?
I will turn 50 on October 25.

What is your rank? 
I have a 2nd degree in TKD and a Brown belt in Danzan Ryu jujitsu

What is your occupation? 
I am a science teacher currently working with at risk students.

Why do you practice?
This is a huge question – – I believe that martial arts serve many purposes for many people such as: exercise, the beauty and tradition of the art, spirituality, community/friendship, sport, self-defense, self-improvement, etc. All of these are important factors for me, and each one’s prominence in my thinking changes from month to month and year to year. Currently exercise and self-defense hold most of my attention.

How long have you been practicing?
About eight years in formal martial arts – but I believe that many other sports/activities have been an art in their own way and have I been on a 40 plus year path to what I do now.

What do you enjoy most about your practice so far? 
I enjoy the ever elusive challenge of perfection. (And that my family is there to enjoy it with me.)

What are some of your other hobbies or interests? 
I love joking with my kids/family, being outdoors, reading/learning, playing guitar and listening to music. I am enriched by studying religion, history, spirituality and martial arts. I enjoy cooking and craft beers and I have a modest single malt scotch collection. I hand carve wooden knives and Japanese katanas/boken and a few other things.

What is your favorite Tae Kwon Do moment? 
There are so many that it is hard to say – – – the easy answer would be my black belt testing. But I’m not so sure that that would be true. Then my mind jumps to my intro or my first class. They were pregnant with such hope and possibility. But today, my answer is every class I come to – because it is one more day on my martial arts journey!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanks to all of the staff for who you are and what you share with my family and me.