A Martial Arts Lesson in Compassion

Compassion…the Magical Key to ONE

Contrary to some popular belief, the ultimate aim of an authentic martial arts practice is to become “one-with” “another” and in so doing there is no basis for conflict, for there is no basis for “separateness”.  The key resource for this expression is “compassion”.

Compassion is generally defined as having awareness and understanding of another – particularly the suffering of another.  When you have compassion for another, you hold the space for the other person to energetically “share” your experience.

This energetic state of compassion produces a magical dynamic of “companionship”.  As soon as you feel understood, you feel company–that another is “sharing” your experience on some level.  This naturally produces a sense of worth — that you matter.

Whatever your orientation before, this compassionate state produces an immediate shift to promise and possibility.  What’s more, the “sharing” of experience, of understanding, of “energetic space”–creates “togetherness”–or a sense of “oneness”–a sense of belonging to the ALL.

This sense of “belonging to the all” or ONENESS is the most profound, pure, powerful and stable state that human consciousness can access.  It is a magical state, where all things are possible and all resources available.

It is a state where everything is relevant and there is no time; space and knowledge are infinite.  It is an expression of God, of Creation, of the All.  It exists always and can be accessed in the fragment of a flash–through the slight shift of the channel of your consciousness–the tuning into the experience of “another”–to become “one-with”…

It takes only to “remember”, only but a moment, and the simple intent to connect.  You can do it any time, any where, with anyone, in any situation — and you need no one else’s permission or cooperation.  It may be the smallest investment you could make in any given moment, and yet…produce the GREATEST RETURN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

So choose compassion, throughout your day, in all of your situations and circumstances and with your entire cast of characters, and create the magic of ONENESS.

In the process you will discover the martial artist in you!…

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