Master Juli Bowman visits Asheville to watch her father, age 72, test for 3rd degree

This weekend we are pleased to welcome 5th degree Master Juli Bowman to our August testing.  Master Bowman is a pleasant and friendly person who is also an accomplished athlete.  Additionally, she is the daughter of Mr. Randy Langley, who is testing for his 3rd degree this weekend.  Master Bowman is a giving and well rounded practitioner who is excited to be here to support her father this weekend.

Master Bowman began her practice in 1992 after finishing college.  She has played competitive soccer for most of her life, including at the collegiate level, and wanted to take on a new challenge.  She started out at an Olympic style school and found it to be both interesting and great exercise.  She started teaching at this school in Chantilly, Virginia where she earned her 1st degree black belt.

In 1997 Master Bowman moved to her current school, Tiger Claw Taekwondo, in Leesburg, VA. She developed a long term relationship with this school as she has now been practicing and teaching there for nearly 17 years! Master Bowman has taught in various capacities at this school depending on other factors in her life.  Right now, in addition to homeschooling her children, Sydney (age 13, 3rd degree) and Randy (age 10, 1st degree), she is teaching a class at Tiger Claw every week on Saturdays.

Master Bowman loves perfecting her kicks and practicing her patterns. Her favorite part of teaching is “getting the enthusiasm going, making students work hard, sweat, and every time having the students walk out with something new.”  She keeps her class energy high and brings something unique every time she teaches.

In addition to being a long time martial arts practitioner, Master Bowman still plays soccer, in both indoor and outdoor leagues.  She also feels that it is important to give back to the community, and actively volunteers for the local animal shelter with her kids.  They foster kittens at their house in addition to providing the Humane Society with onsite support.  Master Bowman sets a great example for her kids, her students and her peers by participating in community service.

When asked about being a female Master instructor in a male dominated sport, Master Bowman responded with appreciation for the environment of her school.  Like Sun Soo, Tiger Claw fosters a safe environment for all practitioners and has grown through word of mouth and a strong community focus. “Often we’ve actually had more female black belts and instructors than men! We made a T-shirt that said ‘kick like a girl!’” Master Bowman also pointed out that being a martial artist is not about being able to beat everyone in a fight.  She sees her small size as a reality but not a hindrance.  She adds – “I do the techniques that work for my size and my capabilities.” Especially with kids, she emphasizes using good judgment and self control in any dangerous situation.

Master Bowman is excited to visit Asheville to watch her father test, and to “watch everyone watch him.”  It will be a real treat to have Master Bowman on our judging panel this weekend and we are thrilled to welcome her to Asheville!