Nancy Fraser – A loving Tae Kwon Do powerhouse!

Nancy Fraser is a martial artist who lives life with a beautiful simultaneous expression of power and grace. As a 1st Degree Black Belt who has been practicing at Asheville Sun Soo for the past five years, Nancy is an integral part of the leadership and mentorship in our school. She is constantly giving, both in her profession as a massage therapist and as a martial artist in her Tae Kwon Do practice. Through her study of martial arts, Nancy has complemented her gentle nature with her ability to draw boundaries and hold ground when called for. Additionally, as a professional body worker, Nancy has cultivated in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, which she applies to her martial arts practice. Nancy’s Tae Kwon Do journey is summarily characterized by excellence – both in her technique and in her character. Thank you Nancy for your contributions of wisdom, patience, and dedication here at Asheville Sun Soo.
nancyfraserHow old are you?

What is your rank?
“1st dan.”

What is your occupation?
“Massage therapist.”

Why do you practice?
“I practice for my spirit, mind, and body. Having a discipline like this lets me express parts of my being that are strong physically and mentally and this supports me in every other aspect of my life.”

How long have you been practicing?
“5 years.”

What do you enjoy most about your practice so far?
“I love the challenge that comes with each belt rank and the constant humility that goes with each new level and for that matter each new class.”

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
“I recently went surfing for the first time – loved it! I enjoy good theater, good music, and I read a lot.”

What is something people at Tae Kwon Do probably don’t know about you?
“I worked 17 years in open- heart surgery with the 2nd busiest cardiovascular surgeon in the world (at the time).”

What is your favorite Tae Kwon Do moment?
“Definitely testing with Simon Wolf for my 1st degree black belt.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?
“I love that we come in here every day – pretending to ‘take each other down’ and there is actually more love expressed by the students and instructors for one another than in any other community that I know.”