Profile in Indomitable Spirit – Pastor Brent Edwards

Brent Edwards is a pastor, a fitness advocate, and an adult student at Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts.

As a pastor, Brent provides outreach to various communities in the Asheville area. He uses his presence to tout the benefits of physical fitness, and to share his personal health journey. He has put a great deal of energy into getting healthy – having lost NEARLY 100 POUNDS over the past few years! He considers his Tae Kwon Do practice at Asheville Sun Soo to be the major component of his sustainable fitness regimen.

Brent is an inspiring example of the possibilities available to all of our adult practitioners, as well as an inspiration to all who meet him. We at Asheville Sun Soo are very proud of Brent and the excellent practioner he has become, and happy for all the changes he has made in his journey to optimum health!

Acknowledging his progress, Brent was interviewed by local television station WLOS News 13 regarding his amazing transformation. Please follow this link and enjoy this positive and uplifting testament to possibilities and a life of health and inspiration!