Schedule Changes for the Week of July 29 – August 3rd

We are excited about travelling to Boot Camp on Friday, August 2nd! In order to facilitate our primary instructor staff attending this awesome training opportunity, we are amending our schedule for this upcoming weekend – August 2nd and August 3rd.

On Friday, August 2nd, our 8:30am Adult/Family Mixed Rank class will be replaced wit an open mat session. This will be an awesome opportunity for all ranks to practice curriculum on their own, facilitated by some of our adult students in the Black Belt ranks. Class credit will be granted for all students who attend this open mat session, so please pull your card upon arrival!

There will not be an Adult BBC class on Friday evening. However, the Adult Beginner class will still be held as is usual. Please remember that while this class is open to all adult practitioners, the curriculum covered will be explicitly geared towards our students who are currently white belts.

All other Friday classes will follow their regular schedule.

On Saturday, August 3rd, all classes, except for the Masters class, will follow their regular schedule. The Masters class will, much like Friday morning, be an open mat opportunity for Black Belts of all ranks. Students in the Black Belt ranks are invited to take this opportunity to practice upper belt curriculum.

We will resume our regular schedule on Monday, August 5th. Please remember that our August testing event begins Friday, August 9th (a week from this Friday, August 2nd)!

Thank you!