Sofia Murphy – A fierce, friendly martial artist in our midst

Our student spotlight this week is on Sofia Murphy. Sofia is a mature 16 year old who recently achieved the rank of 1st degree Black Belt by training hard with integrity and bringing a positive attitude to each class that she attends at Asheville Sun Soo. She practices alongside her step-dad, Mr. Adeeb Fakhoury, who is an experienced 3rd degree Black Belt at Asheville Sun Soo. Off the mat, Sofia is a sweet and cheerful young woman who excels academically and is a supportive friend and family member. Although Sofia is very humble and does not seek to draw attention to herself, as a Tae Kwon Do practitioner she demonstrates recognizable excellence. Sofia moves with grace and is an inspiration to all students who seek to improve their power and finesse. We are proud to have Sofia as a member of our community at Asheville Sun Soo and are grateful for the skill self-control and compassion she brings to her practice.


things to do Asheville student

How old are you?
I’m sixteen years old.

What is your occupation?
I’m a junior at West Henderson High School

Why do you practice?
I practice for self-defense, to step out of my comfort space, and to keep pushing myself to new limits.


How long have you been practicing?
I’ve been practicing a little over three years.

What do you enjoy most about your practice so far?
I enjoy meeting new people and the Asheville Sun Soo community.

What are some of your other hobbies or interests?
One of my other hobbies is yoga. I practice yoga at Anjali Hot Yatra Yoga at least twice a week.

What is something people at Tae Kwon Do probably don’t know about you?
When I was little I used to play the piano. During those years that I played, I went to a couple of competitions and was highly scored.

What is your favorite Tae Kwon Do moment?
My favorite moment would have to be board breakings during testing. When you watch someone who doesn’t break the board their first try, but perseveres and eventually succeeds. Watching their expression is always the best, it goes from disappointed to excitement.