Student Spotlight

Our adult student spotlight this week is Simeon Kuic.  Simeon is a warm, friendly presence at our school.  He brings the same attention to detail to his Tae Kwon Do practice that he uses as a chiropractic physician to treat patients.  We admire that Simeon has kept up his practice even while going through major life events such as moving his business to a new space and having a baby! Go Simeon and thanks for being a part of our school.


Name: Simeon Kuic

Age: 44

Rank: Blue


Occupation and Where you work/go to school: Chiropractor at “Downtown Chiropractic” and Professor at South College

Why you practice: I joined after seeing several demonstrations at public events.  Every time I was impressed with how happy and alive the group was…and the feeling as contagious!

How long you’ve been practicing: Close to three years now

What you enjoy most about your practice so far: I love how Tae Kwon Do (and this group in particular) is so integrating.  Sure it’s a physical work out…but it is so, so, so much more. Health is my profession, and I strive to teach my patients the importance of integrating the physical, mental, emotional, social (and spiritual) aspects of ourselves.  It is the only way that true health happens.  This place embodies that process.

Other hobbies/interests: Music, hydroponic vegetable and herb gardening.

Something people at Tae Kwon Do probably don’t know about you:  I have five sisters and they all took ballet growing up (but not me).  One year our ENTIRE family of eight was cast in the Columbia City Ballet production of “The Nutcracker.”

Favorite Tae Kwon Do moment:  It happens about every testing.  It’s usually when a kid is trying to break a board. They’ve made several attempts, their foot or hand is hurting, tears are welling in their eyes, they want to give up but hundreds of people are there watching.  Then Master Morris calls them over.  He looks them in the eyes and whispers something in their ear.  Then they walk up to the board and break it and the crowd goes wild! That kind of energy is priceless.