Student Spotlight

March 12. 2014 –
Our junior student spotlight this week is on Logan Carroll.  Logan is a great role model for younger kids.  He treats everyone with the utmost respect, practices diligently, and he is a great big brother to two little sisters.  Logan always brings a smile and as a student he is flexible and reliable at the same time! We are proud to have Logan as a student here at Sun Soo!

Name: Jacob Logan Carroll


Age: 13

Rank: Blue belt

Where you go to school: I’m homeschooled

Why you practice: To build self control, to learn how to defend myself, and to do something fun.

How long you’ve been practicing: About 2 years

What you enjoy most about your practice so far: That I get to teach myself and other people how to be better martial artists

Other hobbies/interests: I love playing football and guitar
Something people at Tae Kwon Do probably don’t know about you: I’m extremely organized!

Favorite Tae Kwon Do moment: When Mr. Dickinson handed me my white belt
Editor’s note: Logan EARNED his white belt during his introductory session!