Sun Soo Members Attend TKDI Summer Camp in New Jersey

September 19, 2011 – The instructional TaeKwon-Do International Summer Camp weekend was held in New Jersey at the end of August. There was plenty of training as well as summer fun.

Martial Arts in Asheville - Master Morris attends TKD Intl Camp in New Jersey

Primarily for instructors and master instructors, the curriculum featured instruction on patterns, fundamentals, free-fighting, self-defense and traditional Taekwon-Do philosophy and theory.

Attending from Asheville Sun Soo were – Master Tony Morris, Mr. Michael Dickinson, Mr. Ethan Morris and Mrs. Lisa Phillips.  The seminar was originally planned to last from Friday night through Sunday lunch.  However, it happened to be the same weekend that hurricane Irene was making its way toward New York, thus cutting the seminar short an entire day as participants left for safer territory!

During the first day and a half, Grandmaster Kim covered the history of martial arts in general and Tae Kwon Do’s inclusion in that fascinating history, key points of instruction on all 24 of the original Chang Hon Patterns, Hapkido applications of Tae Kwon Do techniques, sparring strategies, instruction tips, a talent show and lots of camaraderie!

Master Morris and Mr. Dickinson returned to Asheville with many new insights to infuse into classes here at home, and with an even higher enthusiasm for this remarkable art of traditional Tae Kwon Do!