Asheville Sun Soo Welcomes Master Bob Kerr to Our October 2019 Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Welcomes Master Bob Kerr To Our October 2017 TestingAsheville Sun Soo conducted its October 2019 belt rank testing on Friday, October 4th and Saturday, October 5th.  We welcomed Master Bob Kerr as our Guest Master Instructor for this event. As such, he sat on our judging panel, using his years of experience as a Master level instructor to contribute his perspective to our team of instructors and testing students.

Master Kerr is a frequent visitor to our testing events, as his son, John Flynn, and his grandson, Gage Flynn, are both practitioners here at Asheville Sun Soo. We are always excited to have him here in an official capacity, and appreciate his contribution to our October 2019 testing!

We want to congratulate all of our testing students for all their efforts and accomplishments. We want to give special recognition to the six students promoted to Black Belt ranks:

Grandmaster Morris Attends UTA Grand Nationals in Louisiana

uta grand nationals photo of school ownersOver the weekend of July 25-27, Grandmaster Tony Morris represented Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts at the annual Grand Nationals event conducted by the United Taekwondo Alliance (UTA).

The Grand Nationals serves several purposes within the UTA. It is a venue for a weekend long convention that includes professional education for member school owners and instructors, an opportunity for high-ranking (4th Dan and above) Black Belt testing and promotions, and the Grand National Championship Tournament.

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is honored to be a new member of the UTA. As a function of that membership, Grandmaster Morris was invited to attend the Grand Nationals, both as a professional presenting speaker to other school owners covering best business practices and relational operations – as well as –  one of several high-ranking (8th Dan and above) judges for the Black Belt rank testing.

Asheville Sun Soo is enthusiastic about adding the UTA to our network of school associations, in addition to our home association of Taekwon-do International. These partnerships are beneficial to our students, expanding the number of sister schools we connect with, and providing opportunities for expanding outreach and service. We look forward to our continued association with both TKDI and the UTA – and to seeing students and instructors from both at our Invitational Tournament, to be held on September 28!


Photo of Grandmaster Terry Brumley

Please Join Us in Welcoming Grandmaster Terry Brumley as our Guest Master Instructor for our August 2019 Testing Event

Photo of Grandmaster Terry Brumley

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts is excited to have Grandmaster Terry Brumley, a 9th Degree Black Belt, as our Guest Master Instructor for the August 2019 Belt Rank Testing Event.

Grandmaster Morris and  Grandmaster Brumley were fellow speakers at the annual Grand Nationals for the United Taekwondo Alliance. Grandmaster Brumley is originally from Arkansas, and currently lives in Tennessee with his wife of 36 years, Julie.

Through his 3 locations of  “Taekwondo University”, Grandmaster Brumley seeks to help people lead better lives. He follows the principles of responsibility, confidence & courage, and making no excuses. He uses these principles and the understanding of their effect on our lives in all areas of his life. He believes that practitioners should practice confidently in order to perform courageously, and invites students to eliminate excuses and to face up to mistakes in order to learn from them. His book, “Live Your Potential,” further delves into these topics, and helps readers to make an impact on a daily basis.

Grandmaster Brumley began his martial arts journey when he was almost 16. He had been bullied, and enrolled in a taekwondo practice as a means of resolving his bully situation. Grandmaster Brumley thanks this situation for setting him on the proper path. He operates from the belief that we should have a positive attitude and should invest time in things that propel us forward. He sees himself as a lifelong student.

Eleven years ago, Grandmaster Brumley founded the United Taekwondo Alliance and serves on the Master’s Council. Collectively, the Council seeks to grow good and fair competition among its member schools.

He and his wife, Julie have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren, with one on the way. All of his children have entered the Black Belt ranks, and several of his grandchildren are current practitioners.

In closing, Grandmaster Brumley wants us to know that he loves what he does. “It’s something that changes people’s lives.” Please be certain to welcome him when you see him at testing this weekend. Thank you, Grandmaster Brumley!

Logo for First Bank Asheville, Sponsor for 2019 February Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Thanks First Bank for Sponsoring February 2019 Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts would like to thank North Carolina-based First Bank for sponsoring our February 2019 Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing event. We’d like to give special thanks to Jarrod Perkins, a practicing student at Asheville Sun Soo, and local Branch Manager, for his coordination of this partnership.

First Bank has been serving NC since 1935. They offer a complete array of banking products including mortgages, commercial loans, and insurance, as well as personal checking and savings accounts. There are 13 locations here in Western North Carolina, so please stop by and see what they have to offer!

We’d like to additionally thank First Bank for providing some of the commercial financing for our relocation. They made the process easy and have been excellent partners in this endeavor. Thank you First Bank!

Logo for First Bank Asheville, Sponsor for 2019 February Taekwondo Belt Rank Testing

Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts Had a Great February 2019 Testing – The First in Our New Space!!

Tae Kwon Do: Shattering Life’s Barriers

Smashing boards!, bricks!, concrete paving blocks!, ceramic tiles!,…replete with loud screams, contorted facial expressions, wood splinters or masonry particles flying and gasps from witnesses as the martial artist releases her energy burst into and through the objects at hand… Such is the stuff of some of the physical demonstrations performed by martial artists.

So let’s look at what’s going on here.  In order to accomplish these feats, the martial artist combines a collection of qualities and ways of being – all at once:

  • He is clear with his intention.
  • She engages her technique correctly – efficiently and directly
  • He “brings it on” with full power.
  • She directs intense focus – being present in the moment and undistracted.
  • She sees the final outcome before it has happened!
  • And he hits his target! (which is BEYOND the boards)

With all of these elements present, success is virtually guaranteed!…

So you what’s the point of such feats?  On the surface, it’s all about the martial artist demonstrating his effectiveness properly executing that particular technique.  Below the surface however, there is much greater meaning… it’s a metaphor for life!  Think about it…  The boards are obstacles (life circumstances), in the way of a target (a particular goal or desire) which lies just beyond, with onlookers (all our relationships in life) present and the moment of truth (our recurring moments of choice) at hand…  As the practitioner successfully “breaks through” the boards, she begins to realize the profundity of the moment and its correlation to all other situations in life – from the smallest to the largest.

So whatever you want to accomplish in life be it large or small –tap into the martial artist in you and apply the principles of board-breaking!

  • He is clear with his intention.
    • Be clear with your goal
  • She engages her technique correctly – efficiently and directly
    • Take actions that make progress toward your goal
  • He “brings it on” with full power.
    • Act with full commitment
  • She directs intense focus – being present in the moment and undistracted.
    • Be intensely focused and don’t allow yourself to be distracted
    • She sees the final outcome before it has happened!
      • Hold a clear vision of the final outcome – see it already so
    • And he hits his target! (which is BEYOND the boards)
      • Keep going until you reach your destination (going through, around or beyond your circumstances)!

…And watch as all who know you take notice!…And be the example for and give permission to all those around you to do the same!!


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