Q: Which direction should I face while I adjust my uniform or belt?

A: Great question! Adjusting one’s uniform should be performed “turned away” from the direction that the class is facing. It is out of respect for the instructor, the other students and the practice space (dojang) itself. In the context of “being excellent”, the idea is that we always present ourselves as best as we can in any given moment!

Q: So, Who Is Higher Ranking?

A: The question came up recently after class about who is higher ranking than whom and we decided to clarify.

So, why is rank even important?  Firstly, we want to make the point that higher rank does not necessarily mean better or superior!  It means that this particular person has put in the time and effort in the Sun Soo system to move up the ranks sooner.

In our Traditional Tae Kwon Do class, we line up according to rank with the highest ranking person standing to the right of the lower ranking students.  We also ask lower ranking students to seek out higher ranking students to answer any clarifying questions.  We also ask higher ranking students to remain humble and not use their rank to control or humiliate lower ranking students.

The higher ranking student is:

  • Higher ranking than you (as indicated by belt color).
  • If two or more students are the same belt rank, the higher ranking student is the one who tested into that rank first in the Sun Soo system.
  • If two or more students are the same belt rank and tested at the same time, the higher ranking student is the one who began attending classes first.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about rank.