I was the last one in my family of four to join Sun Soo. I figured if I was going to bring two boys to classes, I might as well join them on the mat. That was over four years ago and I am preparing to test for my black belt at 51! Sun Soo has become a huge part of my life. It is where I go to relieve stress, get a great work out, and be part of a diverse community. My practice has brought incredible benefits to my overall sense of well-being. Every person who works there is deeply committed to the students. Sun Soo has also been a great place for my children. It’s like the “village” we are all looking for to help us raise respectful, considerate, and independent children.

Eleanor P.

I have been practicing at Asheville Sun Soo for a year. My two youngest children invited me after they were about 6 months in. Now my oldest has started! So far I have found my practice to benefit my overall life. I’m more physically engaged and in touch with my body than I’ve felt in 20 years. I find my practice and Sun Soo to be a grounding place in my life, helping me be more focused and productive, more intentional, patient and tolerant, and more disciplined and dedicated. Sun Soo offers us a well-organized curriculum that sets us up for success with clear and attainable goals, a supportive community of peers working together toward skills mastery that earns a new belt rank. And then the process resets. There is an infinite cycle of humility, growth, and mastery. I’m seeing my children take great pride in their achievements and I see the values practiced on the mat transferring to their lives at home - they are more respectful, courteous, and confident. When they are out of line, we often bring them back to center with a remind to live their lives the TKD way! Many thanks to our excellent Sun Soo instructors, dedicated staff, and incredible group of peer practitioners.

Jody W.


Emily Orozco Tae Kwon Do Student Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts

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