Asheville Sun Soo is the most amazing and transformative place that I have ever experienced. I have always been athletic, so I decided to try classes as a new fitness challenge. What I found was not only the most challenging and engaging workout of my life, but a fun community that I can always count on for encouragement and support. I am now a 2nd degree black belt, and it has been an amazing experience to watch both myself and the community here grow and improve. Being a student here has helped me turn into somebody that I am truly proud of and I am honored to practice among such devoted students. Master Morris has a work ethic like no one I have ever met, and it shows in every element of this studio - from the facility, to the content of the classes, to the one on one support given to every student who practices here. Where ever you are in life right now, I encourage you to come watch a class or schedule an intro because words cannot describe the positive impact of Sun Soo - you will have to experience it for yourself.


If you want to become a great martial artist, get into shape without having to go to the gym or simply want to meet new people in a fun environment then this is the place for you. I practiced martial arts as a kid and then stopped for 25 years. Now that my kids are old enough, I wanted them to have the same experiences I did when I was younger. I checked out the other facilities in town and I chose Sun Soo because of the many classes available, also they have a family class for kids and adults. Great place with truly dedicated and caring instructors!!

Jarod Doster


Student Spotlight: Emily Orozco – 4th Grader, Martial Artist

How old are you? 9 What is your rank? Red-black Belt Where do you go to school? I’ll be in 4th grade at Emma Elementary Why do you practice? Because I want to be able to protect myself if someone tries to do something mean or if they try to steal something from me. How […]