Asheville Sun Soo is awesome! Not only do I get a great workout I have gained a community of friends who are so dear to me. The school teaches a lot about being in integrity and cultivating a positive outlook on life which I really enjoy. The attention to detail taught of the art by the teachers is incredible I feel my practice is getting better and better all the time. This school is such a great combination of having fun and serious martial art skill, the best of both worlds!!!

Kerry Bober

"...a place for kids to grow physically and mentally..."

Beyond all my Expectations!!!!

As a father of two boys, 9 and 7, I have had the opportunity to experience a multitude of activities. I was hesitant when they wanted to try karate, but after a short two months of instruction under Tony Morris and the other instructors at Sun Soo I am so glad we began in this practice. They have grown more in character in two months in this program than in years of sports, cub scouts and music training combined. It is difficult to express how impressed I am with all aspects of this program. I urge any parent looking for a place for their kids to grow physically and mentally to explore the benefits of Sun Soo.



Student Spotlight: Emily Orozco – 4th Grader, Martial Artist

How old are you? 9 What is your rank? Red-black Belt Where do you go to school? I’ll be in 4th grade at Emma Elementary Why do you practice? Because I want to be able to protect myself if someone tries to do something mean or if they try to steal something from me. How […]